Bray Wyatt has been almost completely absent from all WWE programming ever since his tag team with Matt Hardy came to an abrupt end due to the latter’s apparent in-ring retirement earlier this year. WWE has reportedly been working on ways to reboot Wyatt’s character, but according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is now possible that the former WWE Champion could be coming back to reunite The Wyatt Family. Pitches have been made in creative meetings about having Harper and Wyatt begin teaming up again very soon. Harper was reintroduced as one of The Bludgeon Brothers a while back, but ever since his partner, Rowan, went down with an injury earlier this year, he too has been left with no direction over the past few weeks.
WWE Network subscribers may remember the Holy Foley reality show that aired several years ago. In the show, the primary storyline centered around the Hall of Famer’s daughter, Noelle Foley, learning how to become a wrestler herself. During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Foley was asked if Noelle is still training and serious about becoming a pro wrestler one day. Foley claims that Noelle was actually injured during her training, which seems to have put her wrestling career on hiatus for the time being. “No, she got banged up quite a bit,” Foley stated in the interview, “Injured, not just banged up but injured.” Noelle Foley seems to remain connected to the business despite never actually competing in a match, so perhaps she could find end up finding a non-wrestling role for herself someday. 
As seen on this week’s edition of NXT, former NXT Champion returned to Full Sail University desperate to attack the man who ambushed him backstage and left him injured for weeks. The assailant has remained a mystery up until Wednesday’s show, where it was seemingly revealed that Johnny Gargano was the main who took Black out of action. This caught the attention of NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa who actually seemed impressed with Gargano’s change in attitude. Gargano and Ciampa have been feuding all year long, but the champion has now even offered to start teaming up with “Johnny Wrestling” once again. The followup on Gargano’s potential heel turn and Black’s return to the ring is expected to air on NXT very soon.

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