— Monday’s WWE Raw on Christmas Eve drew record low viewership numbers as expected. The taped show was watched by 1.77 million people, making it the lowest watch Raw in history – by far.

— Monday Night Football only drew 8.6 million, which was down a similar 30% week over week. On the night, Raw was 4th in total viewership. Next week’s show on New Year’s Eve will also garner low numbers but after that, the outlook is positive with football ending, WWE vowing to improve their product and the build to Wrestlemania beginning.

— Hourly figures for Raw were interesting as the show held viewers throughout the three hours, and the last hour was actually watched by more people than the first:

* Hour 1 – 1.75 million
* Hour 2 – 1.79 million
* Hour 3 – 1.78 million