(Note: Just wanna give my condolences to everyone who was affected by the Boston Marathon bombing today.)

Date: April 15th, 2013

We are LIVE in: Greenville, South Carolina

Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, JBL

Tonight’s show starts out with a match as Randy Orton comes out for a two on one handicap match.

His partner, Sheamus, comes out next. The two head to the ring together.

Their opponent, Big Show, comes out and walks to the ring.

[Match 1]
[Handicap Match]
[Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Big Show]

Bell sounds. Sheamus and Orton argue over who’s going to start the match. Sheamus starts. He and Show grapple. Show puts Sheamus in the corner and breaks. Sheamus with right hands to the head. He applies a side headlock and Show with a back suplex. Sheamus gets back up and lands more right hands. Off the ropes and Show with a chop to the top of the head. Sheamus rolls onto the apron and tackles Show in the gut. He grabs Show and hits a few clobbering blows to the chest followed by a jawbreaker. Sheamus climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a shoulder tackle for two. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Show grabs Sheamus’ leg and hurls him out of the ring. Sheamus slowly gets up and rolls back into the ring. Show with a couple headbutts followed by multiple chops to the chest. Show grabs Sheamus from behind and hits the Final Cut for two.

Orton taunts Show from the apron. Show is distracted momentarily allowing Sheamus a chance to fight back, but Show knocks Sheamus back down and applies an arm lock. Sheamus to his feet. Show shoves him into the ropes and Sheamus with a kick to the face. Off the ropes and Show with a side slam for two. Show climbs the turnbuckle and goes for a splash, but Sheamus gets up and punches Show from behind. He puts Show on his shoulders and hits an electric chair drop! Show and Sheamus are down. Sheamus crawls over to Orton and tags him in! Orton with right hands to Show. Show shoves him into the corner, but Orton with straight right hands. Orton with a clothesline, but no effect. Show goes off the turnbuckle and Orton with a dropkick that knocks him off his feet. Show gets on the apron. Orton with a boot to the head followed by a DDT off the ropes. Orton signals for the RKO. He waits for Show to get up. He goes for the RKO, but Show counters by shoving Orton into the ropes and grabbing him by the neck. Sheamus enters the ring and hits Show with the Brogue Kick. This stuns Show long enough for Orton to hit the RKO for the three count.

[Winners via Pinfall: Sheamus & Randy Orton]
[Time: 06:12]

Sheamus and Orton celebrate in the ring.

A clip is shown of last Friday when The Shield attacked 3MB during their interaction with Triple H.

Josh Matthews is backstage. He talks to Slater, Mahal, and Drew McIntyre. Slater speaks up first.

Slater: Let me get straight to the point. We’re here to call out The Shield. You heard that right. We’re going to the ring and calling The Shield out right now!

They head to the ring. It’s next!


3MB is standing in the ring.

Slater: Last week on Smackdown the greatest rock band in WWE history was going to make an example out of The Game Triple H, but noooo! That other three man cover band The Shield tried to steal the spotlight. That ain’t gonna happen, boys!

Mahal: We are the only three man band around.

Drew: SHIELD! Before we send you on a highway to Hell we suggest you come out and hand us a hand written apology. RIGHT NOW!

3MB wait for Shield to come out.

Suddenly, Brock Lesnar comes out! Lesnar makes his way into the ring. He steps inside, grabs Slater and throws him out of the ring. Clothesline to Drew and a belly to belly suplex to Mahal. He grabs Drew and hits him with the F5! Slater tries to run away, but Lesnar dashes out of the ring and clotheslines Slater down. Lesnar lifts Slater up and gives him the F5 onto the barricade. He picks Slater up and hits a second F5! Heyman runs down to Lesnar and tells him “no more”. He tries to calm Lesnar down. Eventually Heyman manages to calm Lesnar down. Heyman and Lesnar enter the ring. Heyman has a microphone in his hand.”

Heyman: I told you last week. My client is ready for a fight. And the fight that my client wants, and has demonstrated that message to everyone tonight, is against Triple H. On Sunday night, April 7th 2013, Triple H did something that no other man has ever pulled off, and i’m sorry to say this in front of you Brock, but he knocked out Brock Lesnar. And truth be told, to me, Triple H that makes you one hell of a man. That makes you a fighter. If Triple H was here tonight I would shake his hand and say “Sir, I respect you for what you did at WrestleMania.” See, I know you feel the same way that I do, but unfortunately for you Brock Lesnar does not share my opinion. So now we have a problem, and that problem is that your victory evens up the score. Now you’re one and one with Brock Lesnar. And there can only be one dominant alpha male in the WWE Universe.

Heyman: How do we sell this problem? There’s a major event coming up called “Extreme Rules”. So my client and I are proposing a match where a man knocked out unconscious will be shown no mercy. He will be victimized. Because ladies and gentlemen it’s time to get barbaric. A match where skin gets ripped away from bone. It’s time to get primal. It’s time to get uncensored. It’s time to get ruthless. It’s time to get Raw. It’s time to get…extreme! So my client proposes Triple H versus Brock Lesnar in a down and dirty old school steel cage match. And since I know Triple H will be down with that, we’ve got two words for ya: challenge issued!

Heyman raises Brock’s arm up in “victory” and the two leave the ring.

Tonight, Ryback explains his actions last week towards WWE Champion John Cena.

Up next, Kofi Kingston challenges Antonio Cesaro for the United States championship.


Kofi Kingston comes out and heads to the ring.

His opponent, United States champion Antonio Cesaro, heads to the ring. As he heads to the ring he yodels.

[Match 2]
[United States Championship match]
[Antonio Cesaro(c) vs. Kofi Kingston]

Bell sounds. Cesaro and goes for a grapple and Kingston with a roll up for one. Cesaro goes to the corner and ref breaks the grab. Kingston with a side headlock. Cesaro shoves Kingston and tackles him down for a one count. Kingston grabs Cesaro and backslide pins for two. Kingston whips Cesaro into the corner and goes for a splash, but Cesaro avoids and throws Kingston into the corner before nailing him with a clothesline. Cesaro grabs Kingston and hits a gutwrench suplex for two. Cesaro with a headlock on Kingston. Off the ropes, Kingston slides under but Cesaro grabs him by the neck and pulls him up. Kingston with forearm clotheslines followed by a flying clothesline and the Boom Drop. Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Cesaro ducks, lifts Kingston and hits an elevated uppercut for two.


Cesaro presses his foot against Kingston’s head at the corner. He picks Kingston up and lands a clothesline. Cesaro toys with Kingston as he gets up. Cesaro off the ropes. Kingston goes for the SOS, but Cesaro counters with a headbutt to the back of the head and a slam for two. Cesaro puts Kingston in the corner and lands punches to the gut. He whips Kingston to the corner and Kingston counters with the SOS. The count is made, but Cesaro manages to grab the rope for a rope break. Kingston waits for Cesaro to get up and hits Trouble in Paradise! Cesaro rolls out of the ring. Kingston exits the ring and tosses Cesaro back in. He covers and gets a two count. Kingston climbs the turnbuckle and goes for a cross body, but Cesaro counters with a backbreaker for two. Cesaro waits for Kingston to get up. He runs at him and Kingston with a boot to the face. Kingston gets on the apron and springboards onto Cesaro. Cesaro tries to hit a powerbomb, but Kingston turns it into a sunset flip for two. Cesaro with a foot stomp attempt, and Kingston with another sunset flip for two. Multiple pin attempts are countered. Kingston gets to his feet and nails Cesaro with Trouble in Paradise for the three count. New champion!

[Winner via Pinfall: Kofi Kingston]
[Time: 09:24]

Josh Matthews is in the ring with Kingston.

Josh: Kofi, congratulation. What do you have to say for yourself?

Kingston: What do I have to say for myself? I just brought the United States championship back home, baby!

Kingston continues to celebrate.

Still to come, Ryback explains last week’s actions.


A video clip of last week shows Dolph Ziggler cashing in his Money in the Bank contract and winning the World Championship from Alberto Del Rio.

Backstage, World Champion Dolph Ziggler heads to the ring along with AJ and Big E.


Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E. Langston come out and head to the ring. Ziggler asks for a mic.

Ziggler: Last week I successfully cashed in my Money in the Bank contract and became the new World Heavyweight Champion. And it was the single greatest moment in the history of Monday Night Raw. And it was all because of me. Because of ME! You may say to yourself “how can you possibly top that?” How can I possibly top myself? It’s easy. There has never been a World Heavyweight Champion as charismatic, athletic, you name it I do it better than everyone else. It’s time to face facts. I am just too good. Some of you may boo and that’s fine. I don’t care. Listen to me. Boo as loud as you possibly can. I don’t care. Showing off is what you do when you are simply better than everybody else. And I back that up every single night. Now when you’re as good as I am perks come with the job. Fame, fortune, everyone wants your autograph, and…oh yeah, this.

Ziggler kisses AJ.

Ziggler: No one will ever be as good as me. No one will ever take this title off my hands!

Alberto Del Rio comes out along with Ricardo Rodriguez, both with leg injuries. They limp down to the ring together.

Del Rio: Last week…last week I congratulated you and told you when the time was right I would evoke my rematch clause. And that’s what i’m doing right here. I want my rematch right here in Greenville. And I want it right now!

Ziggler: No no no no. You hobble down here, that’s great. But if you wanna get in the ring-

Vickie Guerrero comes out.

Vickie: EXCUSE ME! Hurt or not, Alberto wants a rematch. And he gets one. So get ready because this match is starting RIGHT NOW!

A referee heads to the ring. The match is about to start.

Suddenly, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter come out. They head into the ring.

Zeb: Hold it! Before this match gets started, let’s get something straight. There wouldn’t be a cash in last week without Jack Swagger. He’s a real American, a real champion. The only reason you beat Alberto was because Jack tore him to pieces. Dolph, you don’t deserve to be World Champion, and for damn sure Alberto you don’t deserve another shot.

Alberto attacks Swagger and clotheslines him out of the ring. Langston stands in front of Del Rio. Del Rio taunts him to come at him, but Swagger grabs Del Rio’s leg and pulls him into the turnbuckle post. He smacks the leg against the post a couple times and pulls him out of the ring. He stomps on the ankle and applies the Patriot Act outside the ring. Referee grab Swagger and pull him off. Swagger and Zeb watch as Del Rio cries out in pain while grabbing his ankle. The World Title match is cancelled.

Backstage, Tag Team Champions Kane and Daniel Bryan head to the ring for a match up next.


Backstage, Del Rio is getting medical attention for his ankle.

The Prime Time Players are in the ring for tag team action.

Their opponents, Team Hell No, come out.

[Match 3]
[Tag Match]
[The Prime Time Players vs. Team Hell No]

Bryan starts off with Titus. Titus whips Bryan into the ropes and Bryan counters with numerous side kicks to the chest followed by a running dropkick for one. Bryan with a headlock, but Titus shoves Bryan into their corner and tags Darren. Off the ropes and Darren with a clothesline for two. Darren with an uppercut into his corner. Tag to Titus. Titus stomps Bryan down in the corner. He picks Bryan up and Bryan with right hands. Off the ropes, Titus grabs Bryan and drops him with an overhead slam. He glances over at Kane and tags Darren in. He suplexes Darren onto Bryan and Darren with a two count. Darren applies a headlock. Bryan gets up and runs the ropes nailing Darren with a forearm clothesline. Tag to Kane. Kane with a jab to the throat and a clothesline into the turnbuckle. Whip followed by a second clothesline and a sidewalk slam for two. Kane climbs the turnbuckle and hits a clothesline off the top. Kane goes for the chokeslam. Titus enters the ring and Kane hurls him over the top. Bryan runs and dives off the apron hitting Titus with a battering ram. Kane grabs Darren by the neck and hits a chokeslam. Tag to Bryan. Bryan climbs to the top and hits a diving headbutt on Darren for three.

[Winners via Pinfall: Team Hell No]
[Time: 03:33]

Next week on Raw, The Undertaker teams with Kane and Daniel Bryan to take on The Shield in a six man tag match.

Up next, Ryback explains his actions.


Ryback is backstage somewhere alone. He stares into the camera.

Ryback: April 7th, 2013. WrestleMania. It was the greatest night of your career, John. It was the worst night of mine. You beat The Rock, found redemption and won the WWE Championship. Good for you. You were on top and I was on the bottom. Only one direction to go. Me up. And you down. Let me remind you.

A clip shows Ryback attacking Cena last week.

Ryback: There must be so many questions. Why? What did I do? Or maybe you know, John. Maybe you saw it in my eyes before I took your head off. But really, what choice did I have? After everything i’ve been through, to find myself the day after WrestleMania starring at the bottom of the ladder again. That wasn’t going to happen again. You’re probably thinking “I help that guy out, and that’s how he repays me?” You did help me out. You told the WWE Universe that “Ryback is my friend”. You even gave me your title shot which I think more people would prefer.

A clip shows Cena supporting Ryback’s title match against CM Punk.

Ryback: You made me feel like I belonged. You promised me you would always have my back. What’s apparent now is that a friendship with Cena means nothing. I am not a sidekick. If you are a superhero, say hello to kryptonite. How many times on your road to redemption did you leave me to fend for myself? Where were you when I was so close to my WWE Championship that I could taste it? Remember this?

Ryback being powerbombed by The Shield at TLC.

Ryback: You said I could trust you. That you had my back. Six times I was attacked by The Shield. Where were you? Designing your latest t-shirt? Where were you?

Another attack by The Shield from last month followed by an attack by Mark Henry.

Ryback: But the three times you were attacked I was there every time. But you were focused. You had one goal: winning back the WWE title. You got lucky at the Royal Rumble and you grabbed your place at the table.

Cena throws Ryback out of the Rumble to win.

Ryback: And then at Elimination Chamber you left me alone in the ring to face The Shield by myself…again.

The Shield beat Ryback, Sheamus and Cena.

Ryback: Because you saw that golden prize at the end of the road. Good for you. Last week you made your little jokes while people treated me like I didn’t exist. Like that title didn’t belong to me. I waited for you to admit that you were only there because I wasn’t. You tried to keep me in your shadow, but I stepped out of it, and what I am is the biggest threat to you WWE Championship reign ever. Ryback…rules.

Fade out.


A clip from earlier tonight shows Heyman offering Triple H a steel cage match with Brock Lesnar.

R-Truth is in the ring for a match.

His opponent, Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, heads to the ring.

[Match 4]
[Singles Match]
[Wade Barrett vs. R-Truth]

Bell sounds. Barrett and Truth grapple. Truth with a side headlock. He switches into a hammerlock, but Wade with an elbow to the head and a right hand. He whips Truth into the ropes. Truth dances a little, avoids a clothesline and hits a dropkick. Truth nails Wade in the corner. The referee tries to separate and Wade with a cheap shot to the face knocking Truth down. Wade off the ropes with a knee drop for two. Wade puts Truth on the top turnbuckle and lands a few punches. He runs and nails Truth with a knee to the gut. He covers and gets a two count. Wade with another arm lock. Truth runs off the ropes. Wade goes for Winds of Change but Truth slips it into a backslide for two. Truth with a couple clotheslines for Wade followed by a front suplex for two. Wade gets up and counters with a boot. He goes for a pump handle, but Truth slips out of it, spins Wade around hits What’s Up for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: R-Truth]
[Time: 03:12]

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox are talking about Del Rio’s injury.

Brad: Del Rio can’t compete tonight.

Vickie: Well what are we going to do about it?

Teddy Long walks in.

Teddy: Brad. Vickie. I’m sure you guys have heard about Del Rio. Vickie, don’t sweat it. I got a solution. Tonight, Jack Swagger goes one on one with Dolph Ziggler. I’ve already spoke to Swagger and gave him a bit of incentive.

Vickie: I like it, but does Booker T know about this?

Teddy: I don’t know.

Brad: Then you need to tell him about it, Teddy.

Vickie: Brad, that’s YOUR job.

Brad leaves looking annoyed.

Fandango is live tonight on Raw!


The Great Kahli comes out and heads to the ring along with Hornswoggle and Natalya Neidhart for tag team action.

His partner, Santino Marella, comes out next.

Their opponents, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes, come out next.

Sandow: SILENCE! A famed philosopher once said “we are put dwarfs on the shoulders of giants!”

Myself, along with my best friend Damien Sandow, will be like those dwarfs upon giants as we educated the masses.

Even in a den of ignorance like South Carolina! You’re welcome!

They enter the ring.

[Match 5]
[Tag Match]
[Kahli & Santino w/Hornswoggle & Natalya vs. Rhodes Scholars]

Bell sounds. Kahli throws Sandow into the corner and delivers a chop to the chest. Sandow tags in Cody. Cody says he wants Santino. Kahli tags Santino in. Santino with some fancy footwork. Cody kicks him and nails him with right hands. He whips Santino into the corner. Cody and Damien tag back and forth as they keep Santino down. Tag back to Sandow and they hit a double snapmare followed by the elbow of disdain from Sandow for two. Sandow with a headlock on Santino. Santino fights back, avoids a clothesline and hits a hip toss and a diving headbutt. Santino brings out the cobra puppet and puts it on. He goes for The Cobra and nails it! Cody enters the ring and Santino goes after him. Cody exits the ring. Hornswoggle pulls out a mini cobra and jabs Cody in the stomach. Cody grabs him and Kahli attacks him from behind. The distraction allows Sandow to roll up Santino for the three count.

[Winners via Pinfall: Rhodes Scholars]
[Time: 03:20]

Up next, Fandango!


Jerry Lawler is in the ring. He talks about the worldwide reaction to Fandango’s theme music and dance craze for the past week.

Videos are shown of people on the news and on daytime shows and fans in sporting events doing the Fandango song and dance.

Lawler: So here he is tonight. I hope I pronounce his name right. Faaan…daaaan…go!

Fandango comes out and heads to the ring with his dance partner.

Lawler: So, Fandango, I have to ask. Did you ever think-

Fandango: Shhh…Jerry. How are you hips feeling?

Lawler: How are my hips? Well they’re still here.

Fandango: Can you move your hips, Jerry? Can you move then?

Lawler: I think it’s time for me to move my hips over to the announce position.

He leaves.

Fandango: Who here tonight wants to go Fandangoing with me?! Do you people right here, do you wanna go Fandangoing? Do ya? What about these people right here? Wanna go Fandangoing? You? You wanna go Fandangoing? Before we go Fandangoing, I need for you to do one thing. And that’s pronounce my name correctly. It goes like this…FAAAAAAN….

The crowd plays along.

FandangO: DAAAAAANNNN…you need to breathe in the As. DAAAAAANNNN…..GOOOOOO! Now put that all together. What do you get? FAAANDAAANGOOO!

The fans sing along to Fandango’s theme.

Fandango: It’s quite obvious that you cannot pronounce my name correctly. So you can all go Fandango yourselves.

Fandango dances his way out of the ring as the fans keeps singing.

Striker is backstage with Cena.

Striker: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome me in joining the new WWE Champion John Cena. John, we heard what Ryback had to say earlier-

Cena: We all heard what Ryback has to say. Apparently he has a problem with me. I’m not that hard to find. I’ll be in the ring holding this championship ready to face him man to man.

He leaves.

At ringside, Jack Swagger comes out along with Zeb Colter for his match with Dolph Ziggler up next.


Swagger is in the ring waiting for the match to start.

His opponent, Dolph Ziggler, comes out with AJ and Big E. Langston.

[Match 6]
[Singles Match]
[Dolph Ziggler w/AJ & Big E. vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter]

Bell sounds. They circle each other. Ziggler goes for a leg takedown, but Swagger throws him in the corner and lands right hands. Ziggler walks up to Swagger and slaps him in the face. He runs out of the ring. Swagger runs after him. Ziggler enters the ring and stomps on him a few times. He runs the ropes and Swagger with a boot to the face. Swagger puts Ziggler in the corner and delivers knees to the gut. Swagger grabs Ziggler and hits a short arm clothesline. Swagger presses his foot against Ziggler’s chest. Swagger whips Ziggler into the corner. Ziggler with an elbow to the head followed by a neckbreaker. Ziggler waits for Swagger to get up. He goes for a dropkick, but Swagger counters it into the Patriot Act. Ziggler grabs the ropes. He slips onto the apron and drops Swagger with a jawbreaker. He runs back into the ring and Swagger tosses Ziggler between the ropes before landing a clothesline that knocks him out of the ring.


Swagger charges at Ziggler and Ziggler avoids causing Swagger to hit the turnbuckle post shoulder first. Ziggler with an inside cradle for two. Swagger grabs Ziggler and hits a belly to belly suplex for two. Swagger whips Ziggler into the ropes and hits a running knee to the gut. Swagger runs to the turnbuckle and goes for a Swagger bomb, but Ziggler raises the legs landing square in the jaw. Ziggler kicks the kneecap, dives under Swagger and catches him with a dropkick. Swagger grabs him and Ziggler with an implant DDT for two. Ziggler runs at Swagger for a legdrop bulldog, but Swagger lifts Ziggler in powerbomb position. He drops Ziggler with a stun gun on the top rope and rolls Ziggler up for a surprise three count!

[Winner via Pinfall: Jack Swagger]
[Time: 09:51]

Del Rio attacks Swagger from behind and nails a crescent kick to the chest on the stage. Swagger rolls off and Del Rio puts Swagger in the cross arm breaker submission. He lets go and points at Ziggler to indicate that he’s after him.

Tonight, John Cena confronts Ryback.

Up next, CM Punk returns to Raw!


Backstage, Sheamus is about to be interviewed when Mark Henry comes out of nowhere and spears Sheamus through a wall.

At ringside, CM Punk comes out and makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. At first Punk just stares at the fans not saying a word.

Punk: For 434 days as WWE Champion, I couldn’t enjoy the ride because I was always looking around the corner at what was next. The WWE Championship meant the world to me. I dedicated my life to obtaining it, but I wanted that next challenge and I found that challenge in The Rock. And as I battled somebody who will go down as one of the greatest of all time I wanted to look at what the next hurdle is. I always want to do better. I always want to do more. After being champion for 434 days where do you go? After battling the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, where do you go? And I go to the one thing possibly bigger than the championship, bigger than taking on The Rock, and that was taking on the streak at WrestleMania. And I pushed Undertaker to the limit.

Undertaker/CM Punk chants. Punk looks around, then turns to Heyman and gives him a hug before leaving the ring. Heyman looks confused. He walks away with a somber look on his face and heads to the backstage area.


Backstage, Teddy Long and Booker T are talking.

Booker: You’re overstepping your bounds. You didn’t even consult me.

Teddy: I don’t know what you’re thinking-

Booker: No, you don’t.

Teddy: Well now Jack Swagger is the number one contender.

Booker: Look here. Del Rio is injured, but he’ll be able to compete. Now Swagger and Del Rio will get their chances when they face Dolph Ziggler in a triple threat match. You better handle yourself.

Booker leave.

At ringside, Divas Champion Kaitlyn is in the ring for a match.

Her opponent, Nikki of the Bella Twins, enters the ring.

[Match 7]
[Singles Match
[Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella vs. Kaitlyn]

Bell sounds. They grapple. Kaitlyn shoves Nikki down. They grapple again and Kaitlyn shoves her down again. Another grapple and Kaitlyn arm drags Nikki. Nikki leaves the ring and talks to Brie. Kaitlyn baseball slides them both. Kaitlyn tosses Nikki back in the ring and climbs on the apron. Brie distracts Kaitlyn long enough for Nikki to trip Kaitlyn up and drop her outside the ring. Nikki tosses Kaitlyn against the ropes and chokes her out. He covers and gets a one count. Nikki tosses Kaitlyn face first on the mat and smacks her head against the mat for a two count. Kaitlyn applies an elevated chin lock before throwing her back down and getting another two count. Nikki with another chin lock and another throw for a two count again. Nikki smacks Kaitlyn’s head against the mat some more. Kaitlyn gets to her feet and Nikki is on her back. Kaitlyn slams Nikki against the turnbuckle and clotheslines her a couple times. Off the ropes and Kaitlyn with a shoulder tackle. He hits Nikki with a clothesline off the corner. She runs the ropes and Nikki dropkicks the kneecap. She covers for two. Nikki whips Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn counters by getting Nikki on her shoulders and dropping her on her knees. While the ref tries to get Kaitlyn off the ropes, Brie switches with Nikki for some “twin magic”. Kaitlyn goes over to Brie and Brie drops her face first on the middle ring rope. She covers and gets the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Nikki/Brie Bella]
[Time: 05:08]

Backstage, Ryback is making his way to the ring. He’s coming up next.


Friday on Smackdown, Randy Orton and Sheamus take on Big Show and Mark Henry. And next week on Raw, The Brothers of Destruction reunite as they team with Daniel Bryan to take on The Shield.

WWE Champion John Cena comes out and makes his way to the ring with the WWE Championship and mic in hand.

Cena: We’re gonna see how this works, then…THE CHAMP IS HERE! And the Ryback is there! And the Champ got a little business with the Ryback. So “the Ryback”, get right here right now!

Ryback comes out and makes his way to the ring to confront Cena. They stand face to face.

Cena: The WWE Universe sees what I see. 290 pounds, you have destroyed everything in your path. And when they hear “feed me more”, they know someone’s about to get hurt. So someone like me should be shaking in their boots, but i’m not. I’m not because you showed me something last week. You showed me what type of man you were. Last week I stood in this ring and made an open challenge to any WWE Superstar who felt they earned this to come down and get some. And what did you do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You sat and waited until my back was turned to knock me down. And what did you do tonight?

“Boring” chants.

Cena: Tonight you made the WWE Universe sit through a highlight reel of excuses and it was boring. Ryback isn’t successful because of John Cena. Ryback isn’t champion because of John Cena. Ryback hasn’t eaten 35 times a day because of John Cena. You knock me down once and say you’re the biggest threat i’ve ever faced. Do you know who you’re dealing with, Jack? I’ve been to war with Randy Orton, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and those are a list of my friends. In the WWE friends are one thing, but the WWE Championship is everything. I understand exactly what you did last week, but I just don’t like how you did it. Your very powerful message you sent to the world, after these two weeks this has been your message. You lack the two most important things to being a champion: the space between your ears and the piece between your legs.

Last week after you attacked me you held onto this for a few moments. I bet if felt nice. I say we do things differently.

Cena takes off his hat, his chain and his shirt.

Cena: I say this week you make a move and see if you’ve got what it takes to earn a championship.

Ryback and Cena get nose to nose. Ryback then turns and walks out of the ring away from Cena.

The Shield’s theme plays! Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns come out from within the crowd and head to the ring. Cena and Ryback watch them climb over the barricade. The Shield climb on the apron. They enter the ring and attack Cena. Cena fights back, but they have him in the corner and pummel him relentlessly. Ryback just stands at the bottom of the ramp not doing anything. They kick and stomp Cena down. They look over at Ryback to see if he’ll fight. Ryback turns around and walks to the top of the ramp. The Shield continues their attack on Cena and deliver a triple powerbomb on him. The Shield stand tall in the ring while Ryback walks away as the show comes to an end.