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Bobby Roode & Natalya vs. Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal.
Roode and Mahal started out. They made allusion to the idea that Natalya and Roode may not be on same page based on a pre-broadcast Kickoff show interview. They went back and forth. Mahal controlled him with a side headlock and took him down with a big shoulderblock. Roode made a comeback with several chops. Roode went up and over in the corner and went for a DDT but Mahal escaped.
The women tagged in and went back and forth.
Backstage, R-Truth was saying goodbye to Carmella for Thanksgiving when she reminded him they have a match. She asked him why he was dressedlike the Gobbledy Gooker on Smackdown. Renee Young commented that someone had to do it.
Back in the ring, Fox controlled Natalya with a front facelock. She nailed a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Fox continued working her over with kicks to the back. Natalya surprised her with a rollup. Fox nailed her and scored another two count. Natalya tried to fight her way out but was taken out. Fox missed a kick into the corner and got hung up.
Roode made the hot tag and cleaned house in Mahal. He nailed a big clothesline and drilled him in the corner. Roode went for a neckbreaker but was kicked off. Roode rebounded with the Blockbuster for a two count. Roode called for the Glorious DDT but the Singh Brothers tried to distract him. Fox and Natayla got into it on the floor, distracting the referee. One of the Singhs hit the ring but were laid out by Roode. Jinder snatched Roode and drilled him for the pin,
Your winner, advancing to the Playoffs, Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox.

They noted Braun Strowman was out of the tournament and will be replaced as Ember Moon’s partner.
They also announced AJ Styles was out and would be permanently replaced by Jeff Hardy.
Backstage, Alicia Fox took the credit for the win saying she’s the captain and they finally listened to her. Jinder said when they won, he was going to go to a beach and meditate. Fox said she would be the 30th person in the Women’s Rumble but she said their trip would be to Kentucky so she could have some country fried chicken. Yep.

Carmella and R Truth vs. Lana and Rusev.
Carmella and Truth did the entire rapping and dancing entrance. The crowd really liked it.
The fans chanted “Lana Day.” Rusev got a kick out of that. Lots of playing to the crowd early on. Lana and Rusev stalled so Carmella and Truth did the Dance Break. Mr. and Mrs. Rusev attacked them. Lana nailed several suplexes. Lana used a small package for a two count and then clothesined Carmella. She choked her against the ropes.
Carmella was worked over in the corner with a series of kicks. Carmella nailed a jawbreaker to escape and make the tag but Rusev attacked Truth and knocked him off the apron, preventing the tag. Rusev tagged in and drilled him with a right hand. He choked Truth against the ropes.
Lana tagged back in and slammed Carmella face-first into the ringside table. Rusev psyched up his wife but Truth nailed him from behind. Lana kicked Truth and hit the ring but Carmella nailed her with a kick to the head and scored the pin.
Your winner, Carmella & R-Truth!
Carmella and Truth had a victory dance.

They aired a promo from Finn Balor & Bayley about their match against Bobby Lashley and Mickie James, promising to eliminate them and that it would be “too sweet.”
Also set is Ember Moon & her mystery partner vs. Jinder Mahal & Alicie Fox