Thanks to reader radtkelyons for sending this in:

1 Big Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore defeated the Dudley Boyz. 7:00 minutes after the rocket launcher. Enzo pinned D-Von. Enzo was over big with the crowd singing. Bubba responded by singing “We are the Dudleys” to the same tune. Also awesome was D-Von shaking the top rope causing Enzo to fall while D-Von yelled you can’t teach that.

2 Titus O’Neil defeated Viktor after 7 min and the clash of the titus. Fans were behind Titus but this was easily the match the fans were least into.

3 Goldust defeated Tyler Breeze after 6 minutes and the final cut. FanDango ran down during the match to cause a distraction but R-Truth would appear to even the odds. Afterwards R-Truth did the remix of What’s Up for the Golden Truth as Goldust danced along.

4 The Club defeated The Hype Bros. The Club got a nice response initially but Madison was behind the Hype Bros. With “He’s not hype/Let’s get hyped and We’re so hyped” Mojo ran wild after an extended heat on Ryder. I even got a “Let’s go Ryder Wooo Wooo Wooo” chant going during this. With Mojo even getting involved and pointing to me. Sorry but that was a mark out moment. The end came when the Club hit Magic Killer on Ryder.

5 Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens after a Helluva Kick 9:00. Owens attacked early and dominated the match. I was surprised how short this one was.


6 Apollo Crews defeated Sheamus after a standing moonsault. Sheamus ran down Madison and Brat Fest which was sharing the Coliseum parking lot.(it is what it sounds like bratwurst, live music carnival rides) There was a lot of you look stupid/Sheamus sucks and CM Punk chants) the crowd was more anti Sheamus than pro Apollo but he did get them back during his comeback. Lots of restholds by Sheamus.

7 WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte defeated Natalya Neidhart with her feet on the ropes. Nattie was popular especially since besides Goldust was the only person to pose for pics/sign autographs prior to the show. This match made me miss being a kid biting on the false finishes. The kids in attendance really thought it was over after a running sitdown powerbomb by Natalya and really that wouldn’t be a bad finish.

8 WWE Champion Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles after a spear. Madison was pro Roman. Styles had his support but it wasn’t even close. Roman dominated the match. Styles got the advantage after he ducked a spear and Roman collided with the stairs. AJ’s hope spots were made to seem like they were more just taking advantage of Roman’s errors instead if anything AJ did himself. AJ had the calf killer on him but never connected with the Phenomonal Forearm. Once eating the superman punch and a 2nd time rolling through. Reigns played to the crowd to close the show