By Andrew G.

Sign Guy was actually at this show with his usual funny signs. I imagine it must be strange for WWE today since this show starts at 2PM and not the usual 5PM, 6PM or 7PM shows.

Match#1: Snitsky VS Jamie Noble

The crowd was really behind Jamie Noble for this one.
Winner: Jamie Noble

Tony Chimel introduces the hostess which was Kelly Kelly, she is up and the cheap seats and asks them to answer the SAME EXTREMELY EASY QUESTION to get from row seats. Yes we know WM24 was in Orlando, FL.

Match#2: WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix VS Candice Michelle

Typical womens match. Candice only botched one move, good for her. I was kinda disappointed Mickie wasn’t there
Winner: Beth Pheonix still Champ

Match#3: Santino Marella VS CM Punk

Santino first came out and talked some garbage and the sound system was pretty bad so he was hard to hear and was on the receiving end of “What?” chants. He offered a challenge to anyone in the back and CM Punk came out. He got an especially good pop since it was a suprise. People were expecting Regal the whole time Marella was babbling in the ring.
Winner: CM Punk

Match#4: Cryme Tyme VS Manu and Randy Orton w/Cody Rhodes

First Manu and Cody came out. Then Randy Orton’s music came on, he got some mixed reactions, obviously the chicks were losing it as they were drooling watching Orton. It was personally a suprise to me because I was under the assumption he would be in the main event, you know where he belongs!!! He was the guy I came to see and it was just odd for me because I was cheering Randy on because he’s a tough guy and just an awesome performers as the gals around me were pretty much having orgasams watching Orton.
Winner: Randy Orton pins one of the Cryme Tyme guys after doing the RKO. It was a brilliant finish because Manu was the legal man and Randy just simply touched Manu to be the legal man and Cryme Tyme had no idea and Randy came in and went for the kill. Would have been better if he was part of the main event.

Match#5: ECW Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy VS Mark Henry
Extreme Rules

This match also came as a surprise because it seems like now it is pretty much official that the ECW brand is travling full-time with the RAW brand. Which Jim Ross stated wouldn’t happen in his blog, he was wrong just as he was wrong when he stated he wouldn’t be drafted to another brand! Huge pops for Matt Hardy, people don’t really take notice how much respect and passion Matt Hardy has for the business, he would work with both of his ankles broken if he could.
There was huge pops when Hardy brought the ladder out. It was such a great moment for me personally because I’m so used to seeing stuff like that on TV but to see it live was definately an amazing experience like no other.


Tony Chimel brings out Kelly Kelly and she picks a special timekeeper (or bell ringer something to that effect) for the next match.

Match#6: Rey Mysterio VS Mike Knox

Rey gets huge pops of course and Knox looks like Tom Hanks in Cast Away with his huge beard. It goes back and forth until Rey finally hits the 619 and his splash for the win.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Match#7: Kane VS Kofi Kingston

Kane actually attacks Rey as he was making his way to the back after the last match. I actually thought it was pretty funny. Kofi Kingston is just phenomenal in the ring, just freaking amazing! Kane mocks Kofi’s taunts in such a hilarious way. I don’t know everytime Kane does something it’s funny to me. It’s meant to get heat from fans but it makes me laugh. I actually don’t remember who wins this one. I’m guessing it was Kane, anyway it ends with Rey Mysterio saving Kofi from Kane’s rampage.
Winner: Kane of Kofi don’t remember…lol

Match#8: World Heavyweight Champion John Cena VS Chris Jericho

Y2J come out first and mocks the fans chanting “Cena, Cena, Cena” in such a funny way. I was thinking this was going to be a Triple Threat with Batista, Cena and Y2J. I wanted to see Batista…oh well. After Y2J stops talking John Cena’s music hit and everyone goes freaking nuts. It was very reminisce of 2006..excuse me 2005, 2006 and 2007 John Cena where it seemed he would be holding the title forever. I will admit I’m not fan of John Cena but I do respect him and when he comes out I’m not exactly amazed at him but mostly at the reaction he gets. The people should come alive like that all the time.
Winner: John Cena Still World Campion

At the end John Cena called up two very special people who were front row to the ring. It was a women from the Armed Forces with her son both dressed up in camo. John Cena thanked them and plugged the upcoming 6th Annual Tribute to the Troops. The crowd chanted USA, USA, USA. Cena then proceeded to high five everyone as Tony Chimel was about to close the show. Cena gets in the ring and interupts him. Tony Chimel resides in Philadelphia, PA so Cena mentions that his family was present at the show and it was actually his children that was with him at ringside the entire show. Cena said if he had his family at the show, he wouldn’t close the show with “Ladies and gentleman have a good night”. He would be telling everyone to get rowdy. Cena gave Tony Chimel a few trys to close the show correctly and ends up giving Chimel the FU because he doesn’t have enough excitement for closing out the show.

Cena greeted the fans and left.

It was a good show just wished Batista and Mickie James would have been there. I’m guessing she’s “resting” due to her reported hyperextended elbow, horrible timing.