source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE officials are reportedly fed up with certain wrestlers who continually failed marijuana tests.

In recent weeks, a couple of wrestlers were told outright to stop using now and warned them discipline for use is going to get a lot more serious soon.

One wrestler in particular has failed for pot 11 or 12 times and his push of not that long ago was stopped. Another planned push for the wrestler has been slowed down.

No word yet on who the wrestler in question is, but it is not MVP, who is on a thirteen match losing streak on television. MVP’s status in WWE is due to a number of other factors, mainly saying a rude comment to drug testing official back in August.

Up until this point, a failed test for pot resulted in a $1,000 fine. There was a feeling it was a “pot excuse tax” because it calms one down after performing and helps them cope with injuries. Also it stops them from doing the more legal but also more harmful alcohol.

A number of wrestlers have argued on both sides of the issue because plenty have gone through the schedule without the need for pot and feel those who say they need it or alcohol to survive use it as an excuse to party.

Originally, WWE didn’t really want to introduce the policy, but following the aftermath of the death of Chris Benoit, outside parties started looking at the company’s drug testing policy, and seeing how they’re a public company, they didn’t want to have any obvious holes in it. Also, officials are working very hard on improving the company’s image, and people could once point fingers at WWE having a toothless policy, whether warranted or not.

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