Recently the WWE’s Chief Financial Officer George Barrios was asked about the idea of adding other wrestling companies like Ring of Honor to the WWE network. This was his response:
Yeah, I think there’s something there. It’s always priority and what once comes first. We recently announced a deal with ICW and Progress, which are wrestling promotions in the U.K. So we’re thinking about the best way to utilize that content. As you know, we’ve been fairly active over the years in purchasing wrestling libraries, video libraries, a lot of which now you can see on the network. We think there’s a home for that, and it just a matter of priority.”
While the news of WWE working with ICW and Progress has been known since January at the UK Title tournament, and that those wrestlers signed to deals by the company are still allowed to be used by ICW and Progress in restricted uses, the WWE hasn’t actually made it known if ICW or Progress themselves would air on the WWE Network. The rumors of Ring of Honor being aired on the WWE Network, or even the WWE buying the company outright from Sinclair Broadcasting have persisted since last year. However, as of yet, no serious indication of any sort of deal has been made.