The September 10th, 2019 edition of 205 Live took place at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY.

A recap of the number one contender’s matchup from two weeks ago is played, when Humberto Carrillo defeated Oney Lorcan and earned a title opportunity Clash of Champions. The following week, Lince Dorado scored an upset victory over Carrillo, making this Sunday’s title match a triple-threat. Afterwards champion Drew Gulak, along with Tony Nese, attacked both Carrillo and Dorado. Commentary asked: “What does this alliance mean for 205 Live?”

Intro song.

Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. Today’s show takes place from Madison Square Garden in New York City. English and Joseph give Maddin a warm welcome.

Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa make their way out for opening tag action. They’ll be facing Jack Gallagher and a mystery opponent. Gallagher starts quoting Biggie Smalls, but cuts himself off saying he’s not hear to do that. He tells Kendrick that this has given him some time to find a suitable partner. IT’S KUSHIDA.

Brian Kendrick/Akira Tozawa versus Jack Gallagher/KUSHIDA

Kushida and Kendrick begin. Tie-up. Kendrick applies a wristlock. Kushida reverses the hold but Kendrick manages to bring Kushida to the mat. Nice sequence of chain wrestling…Kushida with his signature spin on top of Kendrick. Off the ropes…Kushida hits an arm-drag and transitions right into an armbar. Kendrick escapes. Gallagher tags in. He goes to work on Kendrick’s arm that Kushida softened up. Pinfall attempt…Kendrick kicks out and tags in Tozawa. Gallagher with a shoulder block…pace picks up….cradle from Tozawa for one. Kendrick makes a blind tag and whips Gallagher into the ring post from behind. Tandem offense from Kendrick and Tozawa…double-hip toss/jumping senton combo. Crowd trying to rally Gallagher to make the hot tag but Tozawa drops him with a fake-out jab. Snap-suplex by Kendrick. Gallagher refuses to stay down on the pin attempts.

Hard Irish-Whip sends Gallagher into the turnbuckles hard. Tozawa and Kendrick try an assisted sliced bread…Gallagher lands on his feet and tags in Kushida. Kushida nails everything in sight. Springboard elbow, followed by high-angle DDT. Gallagher holds Tozawa in place so Kushida can punt him. Kendrick sends Gallagher to the outside, then traps Kushida in the Bully choke…Kushida struggling…he manages to break the hold. He goes to tag Gallagher but Kendrick pulls Gallagher off the apron and smashes him into the barricade. Miscommunication by Tozawa and Kendrick leads Kushida locking in the hover-board lock onto Kendrick. He taps.

Jack Gallagher/KUSHIDA win by submission

Commentary express how impressed they are with KUSHIDA’s debut.

Backstage the Singh Brothers talk about the spiritual healing they’ve been going through. They say that the billions of Singh brother supporters have been let down, and they deserve more. “We deserve more.” They end by promising the next time they come to the world’s most famous arena, it will star 205’s most famous superstars.

Commercial for NXT’s debut on the USA Network.

Cut to Mike Kanellis who is being interviewed about his victory over Tony Nese. Kanellis says that what goes on in Nese’s head is not his problem. He says that he’s sick of doing nothing in this division, and that he needs to become the cruiserweight champion to win back his wife. Maria Kanellis strolls up. She initially says that she was impressed by his performance, but goes on to berate him for winning meaningless matches. As she leaves, Mike looks as frustrated as ever.

Main event time. Humberto Carrillo makes his way out first, followed by his tag partner, Lince Dorado. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese attack from behind! All four men brawl! Ariya Daivari joins in and helps Nese stomp down Dorado. The fight moves to the ring. Gran Metalik comes out to even the odds. Springboard dropkick sends Nese and Daivari to ringside. Carrillo gets on the mic…”you three versus us three right now.” Gulak accepts, and this one is underway.

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Humberto Carrillo/Lince Dorado/Gran Metalik versus Drew Gulak/Tony Nese/Ariya Daivari

Dorado takes out the heels with a flying crossbody to the outside. Back in the ring…Daivari and Dorado officially get this one going. Big kick from Dorado. He climbs…froggie crossbody for a nearfall. Metalik tags in. Top rope axe-handle. Quick tag to Carrillo…he double-stomps the arm. Dorado right back in but Daivari levels him and bring in Gulak. Dorado baits Gulak, then hits an arm-drag. Daivari with a cheap shot from the apron gives Gulak control. Nese comes in. He wears Dorado down with a headlock. A flurry of kicks by Nese before tagging in Daivari. Hard-Irish whip and Dorado collides with the turnbuckles chest first. Gulak, Nese, ad Daivari keep Dorado trapped in their team’s corner and utilize quick tags. Crowd begins doing the wave FYI.

Dorado takes out Gulak with a top rope frankensteiner. He makes the hot tag to Metalik. He walks the ropes and connects with a lot of his fancy offense. Kind of hard to follow the match, as the crowd is either watching a fight in the crowd, or distracted by something else. Meanwhile Daivari slows Metalik by locking in a headlock. Gulak wins back the people by rocking Metalik like a baby. Nese squeezes Metalik with a body scissor. Daivari knocks Dorado and off the apron but that gives Metalik a chance to hit a reverse sling-blade. Carrillo comes in…dropkick to Gulak, followed by a basement dropkick. Standing moonsault by Carrillo. He takes out everyone with a moonsault to the outside. Back in the ring…Carrillo nearly wins the match after a missile dropkick but Nese breaks up the pin. All six men get involved…Gulak catches Carrillo with a michinoku driver. Carrillo comes right back with a cradle for two. Double-suplex by Gulak and Daivari…Nese lands a 450 splash. Dorado, Metalik, and Carrillo all go for top rope moonsaults but Nese, Gulak, and Daivari all get the boots up. The faces answer with three superkicks. Gulak and Dorado the legal men. Sit-out powerbomb from the champ. Carrillo rocks Nese with an enziguri, then takes him out with a twisting tope con hilo. Metalik takes out Daivari with a frankensteiner from the apron. Dorado hits the shooting star on Gulak. It’s over.

Humberto Carrillo/Lince Dorado/Gran Metalik win by pinfall

Commentary reminds us that if Dorado does that on Sunday he’s the champion. The babyfaces celebrate, with Dorado and Carrillo having a staredown, as they will be opponents on Sunday.

That’s the show friends.