The July 30, 2019 edition of 205 Live takes place at the FedExForum in Memphis, TN

A video recapping the months long feud between General Manager Drake Maverick and 205 Live competitor Mike Kanellis is played. Kanellis and Maverick have constantly been butting heads regarding opportunities since he arrived in the division. Footage of Maria Kanellis berating Mike Kanellis on Raw is also shown. All of this has led up to this evening, where the two men will face each other in an unsanctioned matchup in our evening’s main event.

205 Live intro song.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick make their way to the ring for our opening contest. Tozawa is still carrying the Bollywood Academy Award statue that he took from the Singh Brothers. Sunil and Samir are out second.

Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick versus the Singh Brothers

Tozawa and Samir begin. Samir traps him in the corner and stomps Tozawa down. Tozawa fires back with stiff chops, then his fake out jab that knocks Samir to the mat. Kendrick tags in…double-team by Tozawa and Kendrick. Early pinfall but Samir kicks out with ease. Tozawa back in…enziguri/flatliner combo. Sunil jumps in…Kendrick sends him to the outside with a dropkick. Tozawa goes for a suicide dive…Sunil grabs his foot and Samir takes advantage with an attack. Quick tags by the Singh brothers as they wear Tozawa down. They play to the crowd with their signature Bollywood dance moves. Snapmare and headlock from Samir.

Tozawa builds momentum…trouble in paradise kick. He makes the hot tag to Kendrick. Kendrick comes in hot, running through both the Singh’s with lariats and elbows. Singh’s try to hit Kendrick with their Oscar…Kendrick moves and Samir hits Sunil! Kendrick with sliced bread. Tozawa off the top with a senton. It’s over.

Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick win by pinfall

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Commentary talks up Humberto Carrillo before another video package of him plays, this one focusing on his time in 205 Live, and how he hopes to face Drew Gulak once again now that he’s the champion. Carrillo promises that he will be the first of his family to carry WWE gold.

Match graphic for Mike Kanellis and Drake Maverick is shown. If Kanellis wins he will earn a future cruiserweight title shot.

Preview for tomorrow’s NXT featuring Pete Dunne versus Roderick Strong.

Back from break…the Lucha House Party is interviewed. Kalisto says that everyone in 205 Live is Lucha. He recalls tearing the house down with Humberto Carrillo, and calls Carrillo one of the best superstars on the roster. Lince Dorado jumps in. “We haven’t seen a Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado match have we?” Dorado then leaves, as he is competing in the next match against Ariya Daivari. Both men make their respective entrances. Kalisto and Gran Metalik accompany Dorado to the ring.

Ariya Daivari versus Lince Dorado

Tie up. Dorado grabs a waistlock. Daivari muscles him to the ground after grabbing a wrist. Pace picks up…Dorado goes for the handspring stunner but Daivari has it scouted and rolls out to ringside to regroup. Dorado takes to the air and wipes Daivari out. He throws him back in the ring…Daivari offers a handshake…Dorado doesn’t fall for it. Headscissor and dropkick in succession. Dorado climbs…Daivari pushes him to the outside and Dorado hits the arena floor hard. Daivari in pursuit…he lands a few shots before bringing Dorado back into the ring. Modified headlock from Daivari. Dorado tries to break the hold…Daivari spins him around…reverse DDT for a nearfall.

Daivari attempts his flip-over slam out of the corner…Dorado with right hands…he creates separation and Dorado steadies his feet on the top…flying crossbody! Dorado charges…Daivari with some misdirection…he plants Dorado with a DDT. Cover…Dorado gets a shoulder up. Daivari to the middle-rope…he goes for the Lawler fist drop…Dorado gets a boot up that rocks Daivari. Dorado with a flurry of strikes. Big chop and Daivari rolls to the outside again. Springboard crossbody connects! Back in the ring Dorado goes for another springboard maneuver…Daivari surprises him with a superkick! Cover…only two. Dorado goes for the golden rewind again…Daivari with the million dollar dream…he transitions into a uranagi! Both men are down. Back to their feet…Dorado nails Daivari with a unique looking kick…he switches around and rolls Daivari up in a stacked pin…got em!

Lince Dorado wins by pinfall

Lucha House Party celebrates at the top of the entrance path. Daivari looking disappointed.

Backstage…Mike Kanellis is preparing for his match with Maverick. Maria walks by holding the 24/7 championship. They share a moment.

Commercial for SummerSlam.

Promo from the champ Drew Gulak. He says at SummerSlam he’s supposed to defend the title. “But where is my opponent?” asks Gulak. He says he’ll be keeping a close eye on tonight’s main event, hoping that by the night’s end he can call Mike Kanellis his next challenger, but if not, he goes back to square one.

Main event time. Drake Maverick is out first. Mike Kanellis attacks him from behind! Kanellis with a ground and pound. He whips Maverick into the LED boards near the entrance path, then into the steel guard rail. Kanellis grabs a sign that a fan has that says “Maverick 24/7” and shoves it in Maverick’s face. He then tears it up. Kanellis tosses Maverick off the apron. Referee checks on him. Kanellis screams at the commentary table to end the match since Maverick can’t compete. Another ref helps Maverick up…instead of heading to the back he slowly crawls into the ring indicating that he wants to fight.

Bell rings and this one is official. Here we go!

Mike Kanellis versus Drake Maverick Unsanctioned

Kanellis stomps Maverick in the corner. He screams at Maverick for potentially ruining his marriage. He tosses Maverick to ringside to continue his assault. Backstage, Maria Kanellis watches on a monitor. She has a smile on her face. Maverick screams in pain as he gets sent into the barricade once again. Superkick by Kanellis. He drags Maverick to the commentary table and smashes his face off the top. “This is my brand…this is what I fight for,” shouts Kanellis. He sits Maverick in a rolling chair…another superkick. Joseph asks how much more can Maverick take.

Back in the ring…Kanellis throws Maverick into the turnbuckles, then decapitates Maverick with a haymaker. Kanellis rips Maverick’s shirt off…running lariat. He pulls off Maverick’s belt and lays into his back with it. After more taunting…Kanellis applies a sleeper hold. Crowd tries to rally Maverick into the match…he gets to his feet and breaks the hold by running into the corner. Kanellis charges…Maverick moves and he hits the ringpost! Another charge that Maverick dodges and Maverick spills to the outside. Baseball slide attempt…Kanellis catches Maverick and slams him off the barricade again. Kanellis grabs a stack of papers off the commentary table and shoves them into Mavericks mouth.

Maverick starts to hulk up…Kanellis with shots but they have no effect! A flurry of strikes from Maverick! Dropkick! Crowd erupts! Maverick stomps Kanelli down in the corner…basement dropkick! He picks up his belt…he whips Kanellis in the back repeatedly! Kanellis retreats to the outside…suicide dive by Maverick! He puts Kanellis on top of the commentary table…DDT! Maverick walks on the barricade for an elbow attempt but Kanellis moves! Maverick strikes the table and bangs himself up. Kanellis picks up the pieces and throws Maverick into the ring…he goes for the rolling cutter…he stops…instead he places Maverick on the top rope for a razor’s edge! Maverick turns it into a frankensteiner! Maverick picks Kanellis up…he uses the ropes to hit an incredible cutter! Cover…IT”S OVER!

Drake Maverick wins by pinfall

Maverick celebrates. Backstage Maria Kanellis looks on disappointed. Commentary reminds us that Kanellis will not receive a title opportunity due to the loss.

That’s the show friends.