The April 16th, 2019 edition of 205 Live took place at the Bell Centre in Montreal, QC.

Show opens with Cruiserweight champion Tony Nese recapping his thrilling title victory over Buddy Murphy at WrestleMania, then successfully defending against Murphy in last week’s 205 main event. Nese asks who is next opponent might be: His rival Drew Gulak? A former champion like Kalisto?

205 Live Intro song.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live, where they talk about the Superstar Shakeup, and Roman Reigns being on SmackDown. General manager Drake Maverick has joined the commentary team to talk about Cedric Alexander, and whether or not this is his final matchup on 205. Maverick states that tonight’s main event is not necessarily Alexander’s LAST match…but he will be showcasing his skills on Raw for the time being. Maverick will be sticking around to call the action of tonight’s 205.

Lucha House Party come out. They greet the Montreal crowd in French and get a Lucha chant going. Kalisto then says that Gran Metalik will tear the house down tonight. Match is announced as a fatal-four way. Metalik’s opponents…Ariya Daivari, Akira Tozawa, and Mike Kanellis. Mike is accompanied, as always, by his wife Maria.

Gran Metalik versus Mike Kanellis versus Ariya Daivari versus Akira Tozawa

Daivari leaves the ring right off the bat. Metalik and Tozawa team up and send Kanellis to the outside with a dropkick. They go at it now. Metalik shows off his skill walking the ropes, nailing Tozawa with an arm-drag. Tozawa with a headscissor. He goes for a suicide dive but Daivari cuts him off with a lariat. Kanellis goes after Metalik. Enziguri from the apron by Metalik. He climbs…double-crossbody takes out Daivari and Kanellis. Octopus out of nowhere from Tozawa. Daivari and Kanellis take out Metalik and Tozawa with duel superkicks. Daivari and Kanellis forge an alliance and start working over the babyfaces.

Suplex from Kanellis to Tozawa. He and Daivari slow down the pace and wear down Metalik and Tozawa. Huge spinebuster by Kanellis. Daivair holds Tozawa for Kanellis…he moves and Kanellis nails Daivari with a superkick! Tozawa unloads right hands on Kanellis but Kanellis fires right back with a samoan driver. He has the pin…Daivari pulls him out! They argue on the outside. Daivari attacks Kanellis when he turns his back. Daivari jumps back in…he goes for the hammerlock lariat on Tozawa…Tozawa ducks and hits trouble in paradise. Metalik stops the pin. Reverse slingblade by Metalik. Kanellis pops back in and lifts Tozawa in a firemans carry…Tozawa rolls through…shining wizard! He climbs…missile dropkick! Metalik out of nowhere with a swanton! DAIVARI OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A FROG SPLASH! Cover…Metalik kicks out! All four men are down!

Daivari baits Metalik into the corner…Metalik with a frankensteiner over the top rope! Tozawa follows with a suicide dive! Tozawa tosses Kanellis back into the ring. He goes for a German…Kanellis lands some stiff elbows and breaks Tozawa’s grip. Chops back and forth. Tozawa lands his fake-out haymaker. Kanellis responds with a big boot. German suplex by Tozawa. He climbs for his finisher…Maria gets up on the apron to distract him! Kanellis drops Tozawa. He climbs for a superplex…Tozawa blocks it and knocks him off. Senton attempt…Kanellis gets the knees up. He hits the cross-rhodes. Metalik breaks the pin…Daivari sneaks in and steals the pin for the win!

Ariya Daivari wins by pinfall.

Cut to Oney Lorcan who is shadow-boxing. Lorcan cuts a promo calling Cedric Alexander the anchor of 205 Live since the division was started. He says that he wants to be the one to take the cruiserweights to the next level.

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Promo from Cedric Alexander. He responds by saying that he craves the new competition he will face on Monday Night Raw, but that he wont’ just hand the division over to Oney Lorcan. “I will not go down without a fight,” says Alexander.

Commercial for tomorrow’s NXT, where North American champion Velveteen Dream defends against Buddy Murphy.

Main event time. Oney Lorcan is out first…Cedric Alexander is out second.

Cedric Alexander versus Oney Lorcan

Tie-up. Alexander with a waist-lock takedown. He wraps up Lorcan’s leg…Lorcan shifts into an armbar attempt but Alexander breaks the hold before it can be locked in. They stare each other down.

Second tie-up. Lorcan with the takedown this time. Alexander quickly applies a rear-chinlock. Lorcan forces Alexander into the ropes…referee breaks the hold this time. Test of strength…Lorcan locks in a headlock and brings Alexander to the mat. Alexander tries to bounce Lorcan off the ropes but the headlock is in tight. Shoulder bump from Alexander…Lorcan fires right back with a big chop. Another big chop, followed by a vicious Irish-Whip. Alexander starts stringing together offense…headscissor and a dropkick from Alexander. Basement dropkick next. Pinfall attempt but Lorcan kicks out. Alexander follows Lorcan into the corner…he walks into a chop. Alexander hits one of his own. Back and forth. Enziguri from Alexander sends Lorcan to the outside. He goes for a suicide dive…Lorcan side-steps it and Alexander hits the arena floor hard! Lorcan tosses Alexander into the barricade!

Back in the ring…Lorcan wears Alexander down with corner lariats. After Alexander kicks out of a pinfall Lorcan applies a reverse bearhug. He gets Alexander to his feet…Half-and-half attempt but Alexander has it scouted. He breaks free…big chop. He comes off the ropes…Lorcan slows him down with a kitchen sink knee-lift. Bearhug reapplied. Alexander breaks free again. Knee to Lorcan’s gut…single-leg dropkick from Alexander. Kip-up. Alexander with a series of lariats…big elbow…apron enziguri…signature step-through flatliner. Alexander with the cover…Lorcan gets a shoulder up. Both men lay into each other with stiff chops to the chest. Alexander catches Lorcan with a Michinoku driver! Lorcan kicks out at the last second! Alexander can’t believe it.

Lumbar check attempt…Lorcan with an elbow to block it. Alexander fires right back with an uppercut that drops Lorcan to the mat. Handspring enziguri attempt…Lorcan with an uppercut to Alexander’s back! Blockbuster! Huge running uppercut by Lorcan! Pin attempt…ALEXANDER JUST ESCAPES. Another half-and-half attempt…again Alexander blocks it. Chop block from Lorcan…powerbomb. Alexander kicks out but Lorcan transitions right into a single-leg crab. He’s got in locked in right in the center! Alexander eventually gets to the bottom rope. More chops from Lorcan, this time targeting Alexander’s upper back. Lorcan puts Alexander on the top rope…he’s going for a top rope half-and-half…Alexander knocks Lorcan off and he hits the ropes and falls to the outside. Alexander off the ropes…TOPE CON HILO. He throws Lorcan back in…springboard attempt…Lorcan with an uppercut! Both men are down!

Both men end up on the outside apron…they trade strikes…Lorcan wins the exchange. Alexander goes for a boot…Lorcan turns it into a half-and-half on the apron! He throws Alexander back in…huge lariat! Another half-and-half for good measure. Alexander can’t kick out.

Oney Lorcan wins by pinfall.

Lorcan celebrates. “Thank you Cedric” chants from the Montreal crowd. Lorcan offers his hand to Alexander…they shake. Commentary says it’s been an absolute honor to be apart of the “Age of Alexander.” Alexander’s music plays and he poses for the crowd.