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Episode 203 of Being The Elite opened with Matt Jackson making toast for his kids. A familiar message appeared on the toast — FTR.
Matt and Nick Jackson were shown on the BTE compound, better known as Nick’s house. Both said they have been happy to spend time at home with their kids but are going stir crazy. Nick said he’s tired of seeing The Inner Circle stand tall over The Elite each week on Dynamite. Nick said he’s ready to go back to Dynamite. Matt said Nick isn’t healthy enough yet and they should go play tennis. 
Brandon Cutler practiced his Kick Out Challenge at home. Peter Avalon called him and told him that he sucked. Cutler issued the Kick Out Challenge to Avalon. Avalon said he needed to take a powder. Matt Hardy explained the insider term “take a powder.”
Christopher Daniels showed us how we can make our own masks at home. 
Hangman Page announced that he is going to get drunk and live in the woods in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Page hunted down a squirrel and vowed to check back in next week. 
Avalon was confronted in his front yard by a referee, an announcer and indie wrestler”Neighbor” Steve. Avalon kicked out of several covers before Steve rolled him up with a schoolboy for the pin. 
Scorpio Sky and my pal Frankie Kazarian played quarters in the locker room. Kazarian beat Sky. Daniels wanted to join in the game but he was excluded. This was a parody of The Last Dance documentary series on ESPN. 
Justin Roberts made a cameo. He has longer hair now. 
Private Party continued to investigate which team put out a hit on them. The person responsible was revealed as — Hangman Page. 
Marko Stunt received a map delivered to his home in an empty White Claw can. The map seemed to indicate a Jurassic Express reunion. He followed the map to the designated spot. We were told that this plot point is to be continued…
Matt and Nick played tennis with their brother Malachi. Matt bragged about his tennis prowess. The gag was that Matt is not good at tennis. Matt took a bump into a fence and came up bleeding from the forehead. 
Kenny Omega was hanging out in his dressing room after the street fight on last week’s Dynamite. He was feeling proud of his first street fight performance. Alex Marvez, Chuck Taylor and Chris Harrington walked past the dressing room. 
Omega called each of them in and asked for their opinion on his street fight. Marvez and Taylor said it looked like he was an amateur in his first street fight. Omega called on Harrington. He called Harrington “the ultimate yes man” and “a pussy-ass bitch” before asking his opinion. Harrington said Omega looked like he had never been in a real fight before and that even he could kick Omega’s ass. 
The episode closed with a Colt Cabana cameo.