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WSOF 24:  Fitch vs. Okami

The MLB actual World Series is slated to contain either the Royals or the Blue Jays, and that’s going to suck, but THIS “World Series” with a main of event of Jon Fitch vs. Yushin Okami?  This should be called the Little League World Series of Fighting.  Actually, that’s an insult to 11 year olds that play each summer in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  They at least hit. 

Changes to today’s event…

No real changes other than the name on the top of the column.  This is the first time I’ll be using my True Ten system to examine a WSOF show.  This show did not come on until 9pm Eastern in my area so I only saw the reading of the results of the flyweight title match, which all three judges scored 50-45 for Bibulatov. 

Next up was a match that must have been made via Royal Rumble style tumbler random drawing with Vinny Magalhaes submitting Matt Hamill with a knee bar in round one.  Who could have possibly thought that was a good idea? 

On with the show…

Lightweight:  Tom Marcellino vs. Nick Newell

Well that was a weird fight.  Nick Newell is the one armed fighter, and in this fight, he was the guy working all the submission attempts and controlling the grappling.

At the end of the second round, Miragliotta thought they rang the bell but it was just the 10 second “sound” and it did indeed sound like a bell clang, but it was right as Marcellino had dropped Newel with a punch.  He didn’t argue but Marecellino could have finished.  His corner should have been irate.  Round two only lasted 4:50.  After the break it was explained that the official timekeeper hit the bell instead of the blocks with ten seconds remaining.  Maybe they had the same timekeeper as the guy in the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match at Summer Slam. 

Official Results:  Unanimous decision for Nick Newell (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

My Classic Ten:  Rd1) 10-9 Newell, Rd2) 10-9 Newell, Rd 3) 10-9 Marcellino

29-28 Newell

True Ten:  Rd1) 10-9 Newell, Rd2) 10-10, Rd3) 10-9 Marcellino

Result:  29-29 Draw

Analysis:  Seriously, Marcellino could have finished at the end of the second.  I think this fight was a draw.  Newell controlled more but did almost zero damage and in my world where draws are allowed, this is definitely a draw.  The one benefit of it not being is draw is that we don’t have to see a rematch, because had this not been a fight with a one armed man, it would have been incredibly boring.   The SEC battle of the field goals between Georgia and Mizzou is more exciting. 

Heavyweights:  Blagoi Ivanov vs. Derrick Mehmen

I’m not going to even prep for this next fight on this card.  No way it’s lasting all five rounds…  Good news.  The Eunuch from Game of Thrones, Varys, is refereeing this one.  The quality of the Alien Ware logo in the center of the ring is similar to something my snowboarding buddies and I would paint on my basement wall in high school… Ivanov by KO in round 2.

Jon Fitch vs. Yushin Okami

A wise man (@findevan) once told me, “Don’t bet on a boring fight.”  This, my friends, has all the makings of such.   A lot is being made of Okami cutting to 170.  He looks fine.  On the other hand, Jon Fitch looks drawn and totally dehydrated.  Sunken eyes and no charisma.  I mean, even less charisma…  Can Chael go a whole round without putting himself over?  The winner of this match faces Jake Shields.  My god.  Are we being punished?  I feel like a sportscaster assigned to cover the WNBA.

Official Result:  Unanimous Decision for Jon Fitch (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

My Classic Ten:  Rd1) 10-9 Okami, Rd2) 10-9 Fitch, Rd3) 10-9 Fitch

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Result:  29-28 Fitch

True Ten:  Rd1) 10-10, Rd2) 10-10, Rd3) 10-10

Result:  Draw

Analysis:  I don’t know why this was not scheduled for five, but I’m very glad it only went three.   I can forgive Chael for the heavy comedy in this match, because nothing was happening.  At least they are doing a one-night tourney on Nov 25 to create a contender to the Lightweight title because the Welterweight title is dead. 

Overall Analysis:  One, has anyone actually bought a body systems punching bag by Bas Rutten?  If so, just mail me the rest of your money.  Two, has anyone cut a less convincing promo than Jon Fitch? “Uh, nothing means more to me, than uh, winning that uh, World Series of uh, Fighting, uh belt.  Ya.”  Three, watching the “highlight package” that consists of still photos set to music because the WSOF doesn’t own the rights to any footage, sucks, and makes WSOF look super Indy.  How is this promotion still alive?  It’s the TNA of MMA.  So Shields, the super-boring guy who LOST to Palhares, will face Who ever books for WSOF should be fired.