— After last night, it remains unclear as to whether D.H. Smith is a babyface or heel in WWE. Some weeks he works as a babyface, and other weeks he works as a heel. Smith seems to work in either direction based on his opponent for the night — he’s the only wrestler in WWE with this peculiar distinction. During the past two weeks on WWE.com Heat, Smith worked as a heel as his opponents were Super Crazy and Hardcore Holly on those nights. However, last night, he was back working as a babyface in his match with JBL. In an interesting bit of trivia, since coming off of a 30-day suspension from a Wellness Policy violation six months ago, Smith still has yet to get a shred of offense in during a match on Raw. Smith has worked a grand total of three matches, and he’s been mercilessly pummeled in every single one of them. Smith was massacred by Umaga in a total squash match that lasted two minutes on an episode of Raw in late February. In March, Smith appeared in the Cena & Orton vs. “The Entire Raw Roster” match. Cena defeated Smith in about 30 seconds with three of his trademark moves. Smith didn’t get a lick of offense on Cena either. And of course, there was his match with JBL on Raw last night which had him carried off on a stretcher during the commercial break.

— To correct some Internet reports, the original source of this story, Bryan Alvarez of www.f4wonline.com, is now reporting that Al Barone has not, in fact, signed a deal with WWE to become the bodyguard of Santino Marella. They are still taking a look at him this week. A few other wrestlers are still in the running for the role.

— Last week’s edition of Smackdown drew a 2.2 final broadcast rating, down from last week’s 2.4. This appears to be the lowest figure of the year for SmackDown.

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