WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was interviewed by the UK Sun newspaper to promote his latest DVD action movie, Born to Fight.

Here are some highlights of what Stone Cold said about:

Wrestling One More Match Against CM Punk:

“I think Punk is a great guy. I’d say he looks up to me for what I did in the ring back in the day — and I look up to him for what he is doing now. I’d say it’s a case of mutual respect.

“I hear the stories and if the stars aligned and all things worked out to benefit us all — the WWE, myself and Punk — I’d say that he is the guy I’d pick to face.

“I’m sure I could get another match out of this carcass of mine.”

Tough Enough Returning:

“I loved Tough Enough and hear there may be a second series.”

“If a few other things get ironed out in the company first, I’d say it’s a good 95 per cent guaranteed. My Involvement was a lot more hands on than I expected and I enjoyed that.

“Wrestling is part of my system. I don’t miss the bumps, the travel grind or the pain, but I do enjoy it when I get back and feel the rush of being in front of a crowd.”

John Cena vs. The Rock Next Year at WrestleMania:

“A year-long build is something no one has ever done so Cena v Rock will be very interesting. Rock is doing his thing in Hollywood so can’t make every taping, plus you can’t overdo these things.

“WWE are doing their part and keeping it moving along, but there is still a long time until the pay-off.

Hulk Hogan vs. Sting at Bound For Glory Next Month:

“I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard about Hogan v Sting. That will be interesting too, I mean Hogan had back surgery didn’t he?

“They are both great guys. I’m a fan of Sting’s and he can still go with the best of them. I know Hogan well and he still has it when he needs it.

“It will be a very interesting night at the office that one and I will most certainly be watching Bound For Glory to see how it works out.”

There’s much more to the interview, including what Steve Austin thinks about his acting career, legends like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan refusing to retire for good, whether John Cena has reached “mega star” status and more. Head over to TheSun.co.uk for the full interview.

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