On Christmas Eve, horror writer and Hollywood producer Stephen King took time out to tweet another attack on President Donald Trump, longing for his removal from office.

“Tell your legislators and friends who are Trump supporters that it’s time to put partisanship aside. Trump is a train wreck, and the train he’s pulling is our country. He has to be removed from office,” Stephen King wrote.

That wasn’t the only anti-Trump tweeting the schlock horror writer posted on Christmas Eve.

King also replied to an anti-Trump tweet saying he wished that Trump would stop tweeting and King re-tweeted an attack on Trump by Walter Shaub.

The Cujo scribe posts near daily attacks on President Trump. Barely a day goes by that King is not name calling the president and his voters, or re-tweeting someone else who is doing the same.

Most recently, King revealed his hate for American sovereignty and immigration laws by screeching “fuck your wall” to President Donald in a tweet. He also posted a tweet attacking Vice President Mike Pence. King said the president was “rotten to the core” in another tweet. He insisted that Trump was like an evil Twilight Zone character. And posted several “he should resign” tweets. And that is all in the last week.

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