Stephanie McMahon revealed Monday that she was writing her autobiography, set for release on September 27 and a $26.95 list price through Regan Arts.

Regan is pushing the book around McMahon having 1.5 million Twitter followers and 1 million Instagram followers, implying that she has a mobilized fan base who have seen her for years. They also pushed WWE’s YouTube numbers and worldwide exposure, and are hoping for the success Regan had with Ronda Rousey, and in particular trying to attract a non-wrestling audience to purchasing the book thinking McMahon hasn’t had a lot of mainstream media coverage, and in particular they could market her heavily in women’s magazines.

The book is apparently also designed to attempt to break her out into a larger media figure with a contemporary approach to the media. 

The book is particularly aimed at women, and S&S notes 40% of the television viewership of WWE are women, and pushing her as a mother of three girls who has to balance a home life with being Chief Brand Officer for the company.

“Stephanie McMahon is one of the great visionaries behind the continuing success of WWE, and has navigated the entertaining, treacherous and awe-inspiring world of Superstars, egos and drama with style, tremendous skill and dynamite feminine force,” said Judith Regal, the CEO of Regan Arts. “And that’s just with her family. The family encompasses everyone in the WWE family worldwide.  Her story is Shakespearean in its drama and comedy, and she is in a unique position to share an inside view of one the world’s most successful organizations.  Her story will also motivate you to get off your butt and make magic happen.  I love her and you will too when you read her book.”