Shawn Michaels is set to make his first WWE appearance in more than a year when he and The Undertaker invade New Orleans next Monday night. 
Ahead of this appearance, Michaels was part of a Q and A session on Facebook where he revealed that there was a shocking reason why he turned down a switch to SmackDown back in 2002.
It was at this time that SmackDown boasted talents like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker, but it seemed even this amount of competition wasn’t enough to sway The HeartBreak Kid. 

The WWE Hal Of Famer revealed that he couldn’t move to SmackDown because of his new found religion, instead, Michaels would be attending bible study on a Tuesday night so it was impossible for him to move to SmackDown. 
Even before it was live, SmackDown was recorded on a Tuesday night, and Michaels was unavailable, he said:
“There are things I wouldn’t compromise on. There was a time in my career after I went back that they wanted me to go over to Smackdown, which taped on Tuesday nights, which would have affected my wife’s bible study and mine,”