If you pay close attention to likes from Sasha Banks’ Instagram account, you can see that she seems like she agrees with wrestling fans who are tired of Superstars being hurt by carelessness in the ring from Nia Jax.
It’s still not known when SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, the hottest star in all of the WWE right now, will be able to return from the concussion and broken nose Jax dealt to her with her wayward fist on the RAW before Survivor Series. As noted by our previous reports, Jax has had botches in matches with Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Alexa Bliss that could have seriously injured them or resulted in them missing action with injuries.
Jax has embraced the outpouring of fan hatred over the incident, bragging at times as she has become the most-heated heel in WWE right now. However, a fan made a sign on RAW this week that sums up the thoughts of many in the WWE Universe – fans aren’t booing her for the right reasons. Here’s what the sign said (h/t quote transcription Ringside News)

“Nia! I feel compelled to stress that we are not booing because of your effective heel work we are booing because you are simply awful.”
Internet wrestling fans quickly turned the sign into a meme and circulated it throughout social media, and in the tweet below you can see it got a like from The Boss: 

Good morning. pic.twitter.com/UnPXHTGm1O
— Danny (@dajosc11) November 20, 2018