Footage of an old episode of TNA Impact Wrestling aired during Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show on Monday night.

During a story about high-powered ships that can break through massive blocks of ice, Maddow compared it to Rob Van Dam’s “Five Star Frogsplash” finishing move. Footage was then shown of RVD hitting the frogsplash on AJ Styles on an old episode of Impact Wrestling.

When describing the ship’s ability to rescue a stranded ship, Maddow said, “It has a special bow design that’s curved in such a way that it can use its engine thrust to actually push the ship up out of the water on top of the ice to then use the 11,000-ton weight of the boat to crush the ice underneath it and break it that way.”

Maddow continued, “Having a hard time imagining that? Well, you know this pro wrestling move? (footage of RVD’s frogsplash is shown) That’s what the Polar Star does. It pushes itself on top of the ice and bodyslams it. (RVD’s frogsplash is shown again from a different angle) Not every ice-breaker can do that. And now the Polar Star – America’s only bodyslamming, heavy ice-breaking ship – is on its way to rescue the other massive ice-breaking vessel that still cannot handle what the Polar Star can handle.”

You can watch the clip online at

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