The World Wrestling Federation of 1987 was covered by former IC champion the Honky Tonk Man in the opening of the TIMELINE series. Time for 1987 in Jim Crockett Promotions AKA World Championship Wrestling to be spoken about. Joining Sean Oliver of KAYFABE COMMENTARIES is former NWA/WCW World TV/US champion & World Tag Team champion and founding member of the legendary Four Horseman TULLY BLANCHARD.
1987 was the second full year the Horseman were in dominance having been founded in late 1985, which was covered by Magnum TA. During 1987 the faction would see the exit of Ole Anderson & the arrival of Lex Luger. It would also see Tully hold the World TV title at the beginning of 1987 and hold World Tag Team gold with Arn Anderson at the end of it. In between the following highlights occurred and are discussed by Sean & Tully:
His feuds with Dusty Rhodes, Barry Windham & Nikita Koloff over the TV championship, the 2nd annual Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup, WarGames: the Match Beyond on July 4th, JCP buying the UWF from Bill Watts, why babyfaces & heels didn’t dress or hang out with each other, Ron Garvin winning & losing the World Heavyweight title with Ric Flair, MulkeyMania, Ric Flair’s infamous “date” with Precious, Starrcade moves from the Carolinas to Chicago and bombs on PPV & JCP offices move from Charlotte to Dallas TX.

The arrival in JCP of Lex Luger, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong (to team with is son Brad), Johnny Ace, Fabulous Freebirds, LazerTron (Hector Guerrero), Stan Lane (replaced Dennis Condrey in the Midnight Express), Dark Journey (as Tully’s valet), Ron Simmons (from Florida), Kevin Sullivan (from Florida), Terry Taylor, Steve “Dr. Death” Williams, Rick Steiner, Sting & Jim Ross (all from UWF.) The exit from JCP by Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts (from the promotion), Lex Luger (from the Horsemen.)
Tully Blanchard is not the same man as he was in his career, he is now a religious man who works in prisons and does outreach work. So if you are expecting him to bury everyone you picked the wrong DVD release to enjoy. He has an infectious laugh that comes out when Sean brings up areas that Tully could bury someone. He offers some interesting observations on his legendary feud with Magnum TA (Magnum made some appearances for JCP in 1987) in addition to his dealings with Jim Crockett Jr & Vince McMahon plus how each promotion was operated. I am biased because Tully was my favorite heel of my childhood, so to me this a great addition to the Timeline series. 
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