Music and pyro.

Tazz is at the announce table with Jr.

Orton is in the ring. Orton says to take a good look as it’s the last time we’ll se him in the ring with out the belt around his waist. Two nights ago was the beginning of the end. Video of Orton hitting the RKO on Cena onto a chair at SNME. He shows it over an over again from different angles. He gets heat from the fans. He says that footage is going to replace Hogan slamming Andre, Austin 3:16, it will be payed at his HOF ceremony.
“Cena” chants. He says he’ll understand if Cena won’t make it to SS. Rumor has it, he isn’t here tonight. Now’s his chance, if he’s here, to come out and forfeit his title. “Cena” chant.
Vince’s music plays and the Chairman comes out. Vince says that not that Orton’s match isn’t important, it is, but he’s more worried about his paternity suit. “Who’s your baby?” chant. He says he found out today that his bastard is male. He hopes his son has qualities like Orton. If he didn’t know Randy’s dad so well, he’d hope his son would have been Randy. He hopes his other offspring is nothing like Steph or Shane. All they care about is the money. He hopes the son is much like him. If he does find his son he wants to bring him out and have the fan welcome him with open arms. Though he doesn’t see it happen as they revel in the misfortune of others. They are sick. Again he says he hopes his son is like Randy, not like Cena. Cena has no dignity.
Out back Cena is heading for the ring.
Vince welcomes Cena to the ring. He wants to know if Cena is coming out to confront Orton, or not. “Cena” chants.
Cena’s music hits and he comes stalking out to the stage. He comes own to the ring and Orton ducks out the other side. Vince stops the music, Orton is in the crowd.
Cena says the fans don’t like Vince, the fans don’t like him. He’s arrogant, disrespectful…
Vince says he’s rich.
Cena tells him to keep his money.
Vince asks how he’s feeling after SNME.
Cena says he’s there to give Orton a message. He will be at SS and will retain his title.
Vince says he’s putting us on. He might not be there. If he’s not Vince will strip him of the WWE Championship. Speaking of stripping, that would bring him to his mother. Vince did spend a lot of time in New England in his early days and might have done Cena’s mother.
Cena punches Vince who quickly leaves the ring. Vince and Orton back up the ramp together. Vince tells Cena he’s in action tonight. It will be Cena facing Snitsky.
Video replay of Cena hitting Vince.

– Commercial

Video promo for Rey Rey Rey Rey.

Melina comes out in a blue and gold two piece outfit. Beth comes out in a black and gold jumpsuit. Mickie comes out in jeans and a red mini t-shirt. Candy comes out in fuschia sparkles, pants and a bra top. Regal’s music his and he comes to the stage. He says this Sunday is SS. He thinks we can’t have a party without Divas. So there will be a Diva Battle Royal. All Divas will be in the ring, from all shows, except Candy. The winner of the Battle Royal will face Candy in the future for her title belt.
Beth and Melina attack Mickie and Candy. Beth and Mickie stay in the ring. Mickie gets a forearm into her gut but Beth comes back with a slingshot suplex for two. Beth gets slammed into her corner and tags out. Candy tags in and drop kicks Melina for two. Suplex and bridge on Melina for two. Candy is able to roll up Melina for three.

– Winner: Mickie & Candy

Mickie is upset about how it ends and attacks Candy. Melina throws Mickie from the ring. Beth and Melina smile at each other and then Beth tosses Melina from the ring.

– Commercial

Slam of The Week – WWE Idol, Santino singing for Maria. Ron comes out and slams Santino.

Regal is out back talking on the phone. Santino enters and is pissed about Maria is going out with Ron tonight.
Regal says to leave Ron and Maria alone.
Santino says he can’t understand Regal’s accent. He says he sounds like a limp wristed hairdresser.
Regal orders Santino to stay away from Ron and Maria tonight.

Booker is talking about HHH. He talks about how HHH is returning at SS. Booker says HHH is in the arena tonight. So there’s no reason they can’t meet in the ring tonight. Sharmell invites HHH to the ring for the official crowning of King Bookah.

Out back Vince and Coach talk about Snitsky ripping Cena apart. Vince is happy he has a son.
Coach says HHH is going to be here tonight, maybe…
They both agree not.
Val says “Hello Daddy!”
Vince asks about his son being an adult film star.
Coach says it would make sense.
Vince starts blaming his head being shaved on Shane and his head being shoved up Big Show’s backside on Shane.
Daivari comes up calling Vince “Dad”. He starts rambling in his native tongue.
The next person they see is Kennedy and the fans cheer.
Vince says he hopes his son is a competitor.

– Commercial

Haas and Benjamin are in the ring. Benjamin is wrestling. Cody Rhodes comes out to face him. Video of Orton attacking Dusty.
“Cody” chant. They exchange blows and Cody take Shelton down. Shelton fights back and slams Cody. Shelton covers for two. “Cody” chant. A chin lock on Cody. Cody elbows out but can’t gain control. A knee to Cody’s back. Cody comes back with an elbow. Cody fights back and hits a clothesline followed by a couple dropkicks. A bulldog to Shelton and Cody covers for two. An inverted back breaker to Cody to slow the match. Shelton tries for a Boston crab and is able to spin around and revers it into a cover for three.

– Winner: Cody

Haas rushes in and the tag team beats down Cody.

– Commercial

JR and Tazz talk about SS and how RAW will be on SciFi Channel next week.

Cade and Murdoch come down to the ring. Video of Cryme Tyme Tyme selling Lillian’s seat last week. They got a grand for it. They then used the chair and got DQ’d for it. London and Kendrick come down to face them.
Cade and Brian start. Brian takes Cade down and then they have a clean break in a corner. Hammer lock on Cade. Brian high flies and hits a drop kick. An arm drag by Brian who then tags in London. London covers for one. A knee to London’s gut. Murdoch tags in and gets a knee to the gut. London covers for two. Cade tags in.
Cade gains control. London gets whipped but gets his elbow up. A springboard cross body from London and they double team the other team. They toss them from the ring and fly.
Cryme Tyme Tyme runs down and steal Murdoch’s hat. They sell it, the price keeps getting lower. There’s a pin during the sale.

– Winners: Kendrick & London

Cryme Tyme Tyme sells the hat for $2! Cryme Tyme Tyme party with the fans.

Booker and Sharmell are heading for the ring.

– Commercial

At a sports bar Ron and Maria are on their date. Ron orders chowder – CLAM! And LAMB! To go with his bread – JAM!
Santino shows up with Jillian. He keeps calling her Lillian. They join Ron and Maria. Ron adds YAM to his meal.

Booker and Sharmell come to the ring. Sharmell announce her husband. He takes a mic and thanks his loyal subjects. He reminds us that Jerry didn’t put the crown on his head last week. “HHH”chant. He says Jerry tried to scare Booker with announcing that Booker would be facing HHH at SS. If Jerry was there, instead of at home, in bed, he’d ask if he looks scared. Video of Booker’s attack on Jerry last week.
Due to Jerry’s disrespect, the crowning didn’t happen, but it will tonight. Someone else will be doing it. That other person will be HHH. He calls for HHH. Nothing happens. “HHH” chant. Booker demands he get out there.
HHH’s music hits. Someone with a horrible fake nose and fake wig comes out.
Booker tells ‘HHH’ that he’s proven he’s not a coward. Now he has to prove he’s not a King by placing the crown on the dome of King Booker. ‘HHH’ kneels and put the crown on Booker. Booker says he’ll make him bow at SS. He then tells him to leave.
Booker says he has one other small matter. He leaves the ring and heads for JR. He tells Tazz to stay out of it. Booker says that last week JR said he was repugnant and reprehensible. He gives JR and chance to redeem himself. All he has to do is kiss Booker’s ring. JR refuses. JR glares at Booker. Booker threatens JR with what happened to Jerry. JR again refuses. Sharmell grabs JR from behind and makes him kiss the ring. Booker then pushes JR back in his chair.

– Commercial

JR says it wasn’t one of his finer moments. Video of what just happened to JR. Tazz says he wouldn’t have left had he known it was going to get physical. He tries to not look like he left him alone.

Jillian is singing. A guy asks to sign his program and Santino make shim read something he wrote. Maria is embarrassed. Maria says she thinks he was reading from a piece of paper. Santino goes on and on. Ron calls him a SHAM!

Carlito’s Cabana is set up and he calls down Umaga. JR is all pissed of waiting to see HHH kill Booker at SS.
Carlito tries to talk to Umaga. Umaga looks over the set. Carlito says they’re there to talk about Carlito. Carlito wants to face Umaga for the title at SS. Kennedy’s music hits and cuts off Carlito. Kennedy grabs Lillian’s mic and enters the ring.
Carlito say, “Not you again!”
Kennedy says Umaga should be treated with respect. Kennedy says Umaga has never beat him. But Kennedy beat Lashley, but Umaga couldn’t. Kennedy says he destroyed Lashley. Kennedy thinks it should be him who faces Umaga for the title at SS.
Carlito isn’t impressed. While Kennedy yells his name Umaga flips out on both Kennedy and Carlito. Umaga then trashes the set.
Regal comes out to meet Umaga on the stage. Umaga leaves. Regal says that since they both think they deserve an IC match, they will face each other next. The winner will face Umaga at SS.

– Commercial

An arm bar on Kennedy. Kennedy reverses it and takes down Carlito. Carlito fights back and tosses Kennedy from the ring. Kennedy returns to beat on Carlito. Carlito leaves the ring. Kennedy chases Carlito around the ring and slams him down from outside as Carlito enters the ring. Carlito chops Kennedy in a corner. Carlito has gained control.
A back elbow to Kennedy for two. A chin lock on Kennedy, into a reverse face lock. Back body drop to Carlito for two. Kennedy kicks Carlito in the corner. Carlito gets whipped but gets his elbow up. Carlito tries to cover, but shoulders aren’t down. Kennedy on the apron with Carlito beating him down. Kennedy tries to suplex Carlito from the ring, but Carlito suplexes Kennedy into the ring and covers for two. Carlito climbs but Kennedy moves. Kennedy covers, holding tights, for two. A couple rights from Kennedy. A missed clothesline from Kennedy but he gets the back elbow for two.
Kennedy telegraphs and gets kicked in the chest. Carlito goes for his springboard elbow but Kennedy moves. Carlito gets tossed into a ring post and falls outside. Kenney follows him out and does the same thing to Carlito’s shoulder against the stairs that he did to Lashley.

– Commercial

An arm hold on Carlito. He’s working on that shoulder. Punches to Carlito. Kennedy chokes Carlito with his foot. Carlito chops back, but it doesn’t last. Carlito gets stomped in a corner, that same left shoulder. Carlito gets choked again. Carlito manages to take Kennedy down to two. Kennedy gets tossed into the ring post, shoulder first. Carlito tosses him back in the ring. A drop kick to Kennedy for a long two. Carlito hammers Kennedy. A neck breaker to Kennedy for two.
Kennedy gets whipped but moves. Carlito tosses and elbow and climbs, but gets pushed. Kennedy sets up for his corner finisher but Carlito gets out of it. Carlito hits a superplex. They seem to cover each other with a roll up, both sets of shoulders are down. It’s a draw.

– Winner: Draw!

Kennedy and Carlito look shocked. Regal comes out and says it will be triple threat at SS.

– Commercial

HHH promo.

Back at the restaurant. Santino is being an ass still. He threatens Ron. The waiter is SAM!. Ron helps SAM toss a whole tray at Santino. Ron says DAMN and hides his huge smile.

JR and Tazz talk about the matches for SS. Tazz screws up and starts calling the ECW Champ Johnny…

Out back Vince asks Melina who she’s texting. He comments about her saying she’ll take him for everything he’s worth if she was his daughter. He propositions her.
Snitsky comes up and says he never knew his parents, or any of his family. All he’s known is causing pain. He’s going to cause Cena the type of pain father’s try to protect their sons from. He’s doing it for Vince, Dad.

– Commercial

Snitsky comes down to the ring. Cena comes out to face him. Video of Orton’s RKO on Cena at SNME.
They lock up and Cena goes to one knee. Snitsky dominates. “Cena” chant – sounds all female. Bulldog to Snitsky for one. Cena throws blows but get taken down with one punch. Huge elbow to Cena’s head. A kick to Cena’s head. More blows between them until Cena runs into a horrible clothesline. Cena rolls from the ring. Snitsky goes out and bounces Cena’s face off the apron.
Back in the ring Snitsky covers for two. Cena blocks a punch and throws his own, but gets taken down with one punch. A double under hook from Snitsky. “Cena chant – mostly female. Cena tries to fight back. Cena gets slammed down hard. Cena gets whipped and hits the mat. Snitsky runs to the corner with a bog boot, but Cena moves. Cen climbs and hits a leg drop from the top. Cena gets Snitsky up for the FU, but he turns and drops Snitsky and gets hit with the RKO.

– Winner: Cena via DQ

Orton hits another RKO. Orton leaves the ring and grabs the belt and stares at it. “Cena” chant – more mixed this time.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat