RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Y2J’s music and he comes out to huge heat. He’s in his immaculate suit but the left side of his mouth is quite bruised. It was announced on WWE.com that Adamle will not be on the show. Y2J has been asked to take his place. Y2J says the man who revolutionize the ladder match was beaten by Y2J. But HBK did what he said, he permanently disfigured him. Y2J shows his broken canine. He’s going to have to live with it every time he looks in the mirror, but he will also remember what he did to HBK. He destroyed him and humiliated him in the match he revolutionized. He knows HBK will want retribution, but he’s done with HBK, but he’ll hand him off to someone who’s not done with him. So he’s going to hand him off to Cade in an Anything Goes Match. Now people have to admit he’s the most dominant performer in the world today.
Batista’s music and he comes out in jeans and a grey wife beater with a smirk on his face. He congratulates Y2J and then tells him to pick a number.
Y2J asks what he means.
Batista says he’s the number one contender and Y2J needs to pick how many days until their match.
Y2J said he thought he’d see Batista come out and do this posturing, so Batista should think about what he’s asking for. Even though he had a brutal match last night, he will do whatever it takes to survive. Just like HBK, when it’s all said and done he will make sure the name Batista is synonymous with failure. He tells Batista to get out of his face and his ring, right now.
Batista laughs and says he wants to explain a few things to him. Like it or not Y2J is going to defend the title against him. And two… A spinebuster! He leaves the ring and revels in the crowd on his way up the ramp and on the stage. The whole while Y2J is rolling around prone on the mat.

– Commercial

Video replay of Batista hitting the spinebuster on Y2J. During the break Y2J said he was in charge for the night and he can’t strip Batista of his number one contendership, but he can make him defend it. So he’ll be facing JBL again for the number one contendership tonight with Y2J as the guest ref.

Regal is in his throne at ringside and Layla is leaning against the side of it/him.

Mickie runs out in a white and pink version of her outfit, Jamie Noble is in tow. Glamarella comes out. Beth is in a black and red halter jumpsuit. Santino says he’s been criticized for being too ethnic. So he is trying to be more American for us. So he adopted a new NBA team, Oklahoma Thunder – the former Seattle Supersonics. Seattle fans are pissed.

Beth and Mickie start out. Mickie takes Beth down hard, but Beth tags out. Mickie has to tag out. Jamie kicks Santino down in a corner then hits a back elbow. Jamie rolls down a corner and covers Santino for two. Jamie is whipped into the heel corner. Beth grabs the back of Jamie’s tights and messes with his head when the ref isn’t looking. Santino quickly rolls Jamie up for three.

– Winners: Glamarella

Santino and Beth celebrate outside but Jamie comes out after Santino. Santino runs and jumps over the barrier but Regal gets involved. He’s gone crazy and it takes a ref holding him down and laying on him for Jamie to get away.

Out back Grisham asks HBK about his match with Cade. HBK asks if Grisham thinks he should tell Y2J he’s too sore. Instead Grisham should ask Y2J if he’s going to defend the championship. No, he’s not. He’s going to have his boy beat down HBK. But HBK’s bordering on insanity and hopped up on adrenaline. Cade is going to have to be in the ring with him.

– Commercial

Kofi comes out to the ring. Team Priceless comes out with Manu in tow. Ted is the one wrestling. Suddenly Punk’s music and he comes out to ringside.

Hard shoulder block to Kofi who comes back with a back elbow of his own. Kofi ends up bouncing face first off a corner. Ted stomps him then jumps off the second ropes and lands feet first in Kofi’s gut. Ted covers for two. Body scissors in the center of the ring to Kofi. Kofi works hi way out. Ted goes for a suplex but Kofi gets out. A huge dropkick to Ted. Ted rushes Kofi in a corner. Kofi swings through the ropes and kicks Ted in the head over the top. Manu then Cody distracts Kofi. Kofi had been on top, but that screwed him up. Punk went over and took Cody apart. Ted used his finishes and covers Kofi for three.

– Winner: Ted DiBiase

The heels celebrate up the ramp while Punk tends to Kofi in the ring.

– Commercial

Close up of Y2J out back. He’s talking to someone and say that Batista and the number one contender doesn’t benefit either of them. It’s Orton. Orton asks what Y2J wants. Y2J says Orton’s going to be put to work tonight.

Cole and King talk about Cena and him being injured. Video about Cena. They show clips of his match with Batista when he got injured. Batista said it came down to one mistake Cena made. Batista said people blame him for the injury, but that’s the nature of the beast. Cena’s doctor talks about the injury and surgery. The doctor said he should be back without any limitations.

Out back Dolph Ziggler tries to introduce himself to Mark Henry, kany and Tony Atlas. They each glare and walk off.

– Commercial

Rey comes out to the ring in black and white. He’s not wearing a full head mask as he usually does. Video of Kane kicking Rey in midair two weeks ago. Matt Hardy comes out to tag with Rey. Henry comes out with Atlas in tow (being from Maine I got to see Atlas wrestling live in an armory within the past 6 months – just before he joined ECW). Kane came out to round out the tag match.
Kane hammers away on Rey’s back. Enziguri to Kane. Matt tags in but a big right takes him down. Henry tags in while Kane punches Matt in the heel corner. Matt gets whipped but moves before Henry splashes. Matt kneels and Rey tries to go for a poetry in motion type move, but Henry catches him. Rey gets out.

– Commercial

Kane slams Matt down and tags Henry in. Henry gets Matt up on his shoulder but Matt gets out and hits a chop block on Henry’s left knee. Matt takes Henry down and tags Rey in. A bunch of low landings on Henry who’s on the mat until Kane hits Rey in the back of the head form the apron. Rey gets tossed from the ring. Kane tags in. Henry drags Rey across the mat and tags in Kane (no clue when they swapped out again). Kane tortures Rey and tags in Henry. Henry drags Rey to a corner and stands on his chest – holding the ropes. Henry covers for two – no idea how Rey kicked out. Kane tags in. Rey tries to tag out, but Kane grabs him by the back of the pants. Kane covers for two. Kane telegraphs and gets kicked for it, but then punches Rey in the face. Kane climbs but Rey moves out of the way of the flying clothesline. Rey hits head scissors that send Kane into snake eyes on the second turn buckle. Matt is able to tag in. Matt works Kane over. Henry rushes in but Matt pulls the top rope down and Henry goes outside. Matt sets Kane up and Rey hits the 619. Rey flies outside but Henry catches him. Matt climbs and manages to kick Atlas from the apron as he does so. Matt is about to fly and finish Kane off, but Henry tosses Rey onto the top rope knocking Matt down and giving Kane the chance for the choke slam and the three.

– Winners: Mark Henry & Kane

Kane, Henry and Atlas celebrate on the ramp.

Out back HBK is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

WWE 24/7 – WM 14. Pete Rose went out to the ring to huge heat from the fans – the show was in Boston. He was a nasty jerk in the ring, until Kane came out and hit a tombstone on him. Rose was wheeled out on a stretcher.

HBK comes out to the ring slightly limping and looking rather pissed. Cade comes out to face him. Video of Y2J ducking sweet chin music and Cade covering HBK for the tag win.

HBK comes out punching, but a big clothesline drops HBK. HBK is tossed from the ring. Cade follows and drags a table out from under the ring. Cade bounces HBK face first off the announce table. “HBK” chants. Cade sets up the table outside. Cade grabs HBK, punches him and slams HBK through the table really hard (that was one of the quickest, sickest table slams I have seen since the Dudleys). Back in the ring Cade goes after HBK with a chair, but HBK gets to him first and takes him down. HBK hits Cade with the chair then beats Cade with the chair while he’s down. HBK slams the chair down on Cade over and over again. HBK covers for three.

– Winner: HBK

HBK is seething at Cade, just staring at his prone body from the corner. Then HBK grabs the chair and continues to beat Cade with it, hammering over and over again as Cade tries to cover up. Huge “HBK” chants. (That was really short and really sick! I didn’t think I’d see something like that on WWE since they went PG! Holy smokes was that amazing! So short but so harsh! Wow!)

– Commercial

Cole talks about how well SD! did on MyNetwork and what’s slated for this week.

King is in the ring. He says Santino claims to be the greatest IC Champion of all time. In two weeks he will get to prove that in two weeks at Cyber Sunday! We get to pick who he faces at CS. It will either be Piper – if we text a certain number. Or Goldust if we text to another number. The third is the Honky Tonk Man at a third number to text to.

Lilian starts announcing the next match, but Khali’s music cuts her off. Sing comes out with him. King and Cole talk about Khali’s confrontation with Johnny Knoxville. Sing takes Lilian’s mic and hands it to Khali. He addresses Knoxville, but that’s the only thing I understood. Sing says he had an interview with Knoxville and it didn’t go well. They show the video of Knoxville asking about Khali’s ‘tally whacker’. Khali gets pissed, tipped the table dropping beer on Knoxville and left. Sing says Khali wants Knoxville to show up next week so he can show him real entertainment. Now, to show he has a real sense of humor he wants to host the ‘Kiss Cam’. The camera zooms in on a bunch of different people and most kiss. The last person it zooms in on is Lilian. She looks nervous. Khali walks over to her, dips her and kisses her! She looks shocked/shaken. As Sing and Khali leave the ring Sing calls over his shoulder, “Khali will call you.”

– Commercial

Miz and Morrison come out to the announce table. Jillian is in the ring and starts singing Nirvana because they’re in Seattle. Kelly comes out to the ring. Cryme Tyme come out and join Kelly before she gets in the ring. Cryme Tyme go and set up on the other side of the announce table beside Cole. M&M start arguing with Cryme Tyme.

Cruddy head scissors to Jillian. Kelly climbs up the corner while holding Jillian’s hand, slingshots/bounces her legs off the top rope and somehow sends Jillian flying. Kelly then gets tossed from the ring. There’s so much going on at the announce table between the two teams that the match is a nothing, it’s impossible to pay attention through the funny comments about The View and the screaming from M&M. Back breaker to Kelly (I think – they’re both blondes in black and white). Kelly gets whipped and Jillian gains control by mounting her and throwing punches. Jillian chokes Kelly. Jillian tries to pick Kelly up for a move of some sort, but it takes Kelly jumping three times before Jillian can get her up. Kelly flips over her shoulder and lands on her feet, but they’re both panting so hard as if they’ve been in the ring for an hour. Kelly finally pins Jillian for three.

– Winner: Kelly

M&M and Cryme Tyme are still yelling at each other.

– Commercial

More video about Cena, his injury and how the surgery went. This one had Mickie, HBK, Maria, Miz and HHH talking as well as the doctor and Batista. HHH talks about how Cena showed up at the show a couple hours after surgery with a band-aid on his neck, hanging with the guys.

Y2J comes out in jeans and a ref shirt. Video from early in the show when Batista confronted Y2J and then hit a spinebuster on him. JBL comes out to the ring on foot looking more tired or bored than anything. Y2J whispers in Lilian’s ear. She says there will now be a special guest time keeper, Regal. He comes out to the ring. Y2J whispers again. She says there’s a special guest commentator, Orton. He comes out to the ring. Regal is sitting beside the bell with the hammer in his hand and smirking.

– Commercial

Lilian is finally able to introduce Batista without interruption. Batista looks around at everyone. King asks Orton why he’s out there. Orton says he doesn’t know and doesn’t care who wins.

Y2J calls for the bell and starts to micro manage the match. Batista takes JBL down and hooks the leg, but Y2J slowly gets down to count. Batista gets a one count. Chop block to JBL. Y2J yells at JBL to get up. Knee breaker to JBL. Batista locks on the figure four in the center of the ring. Y2J said JBL touched the rope and Y2J starts counting for Batista to break the hold. JBL covers and Y2J gives a VERY fast count to two. JBL hits a bunch of blows in a corner and Y2J lets it continue. A clothesline to Batista and JBL covers for two. Batista hits a suplex and covers but Y2J refuses to count this time. Y2J leaves the ring to avoid being hit by Batista. JBL punches Batista who falls out through the ropes. JBL is attacking Batista outside. Y2J backs JBL yelling it him around the ring. Regal comes out and attack Batista while Y2J and JBL are ½ way around the ring. Back in the ring JBL locks on a full nelson, but Batista manages to get out. JBL locks on a sleeper. Batista reverses it and they’re both down. Y2J screams at JBL to get up. JBL is whipped and gets hit with a clothesline in a corner. Batista whips JBL to another corner but Y2J trips Batista across the ring. Regal then somehow hangs Batista up on the top rope. Batista hits a double spear on Y2J and JBL. Adamle rushes out to the stage with ref Mike Chioda in tow. Chioda runs to the ring and slides in to count the pin but JBL kicks out at two. A Batista bomb and he covers JBL for three.

– Winner: Batista

Y2J is wandering around outside the ring looking injured and dejected. Adamle comes out and says it’s ironic that Y2J made himself a guest ref tonight. When he met with Shane and Steph tonight they encouraged him to shake things up. So at CS Batista will face off with Y2J for the title. The fans get to pick the special guest ref. It could be Orton, or maybe HBK or possibly Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Biggest pop
Cryme Tyme

Biggest heat
Team Priceless & Manu