PROGRESS Wrestling held its final non-London show of the year on Sunday. Chapter 99: “With A Flake, Please” saw three huge title matches. Here are the results:

– Mark Andrews defeated Primate

Andrews hit a Shooting Star Press to the back for the win. This was a very short match, lasting just over six minutes.

– The Anti-Fun Police (Los Federales Santos Jr. & Chief Deputy Dunne) defeated The Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake)

Drake attempted to hit Santos with a tombstone piledriver, but Santos used his weight to topple Drake and subsequently pinned him.

 – PROGRESS Proteus Champion Paul Robinson defeated Chris Ridgeway to retain his title

Per Robinson’s chosen stipulation for the Proteus title, the match could only be won via submission or knockout. Robinson retained via TKO.

– Cara Noir defeated Ilja Dragunov in a two-out-of-three falls match

Dragunov voluntarily tapped out to nothing early on, giving Noir the first fall. Dragunov then hit Noir with a Torpedo Moscow running uppercut to tie the score.

Noir won the match with a vicious package piledriver. Both men received a standing ovation after the match.

– Jinny defeated Meiko Satomura to win the PROGRESS Women’s Championship

Jinny pinned Satomura with an inside cradle after kicking out of a Death Valley Driver. The match was very mat-based and played to Jinny’s strengths. She enters her second PROGRESS Women’s title reign just under 12 months after losing the title to Jordynne Grace.

– Timothy Thatcher defeated Kassius Ohno

Thatcher headbutted Ohno’s forearm and submitted him with a Fujiwara armbar. This is his first win in PROGRESS after returning from injury.

PROGRESS Unified World Champion Eddie Dennis defeated David Starr to retain his title

Dennis hit Starr with a low blow during Starr’s long intro listing his many nicknames. Outside the ring, Dennis was overly confident and received a low blow in return from Starr.

Dennis’ FSU stablemate Mark Andrews came out to ringside halfway through the match to distract the referee, which gave Starr a visual submission win. With the referee in a bad state after being squashed in the corner, Andrews hit a Shooting Star Press onto Starr and placed Dennis’ arm over him to pick up the win.

The show ended with Jim Smallman thanking the Sheffield crowd one more time before he leaves PROGRESS at the end of the year. 

PROGRESS returns to its home of the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London on December 30 for the promotion’s annual mystery card show Unboxing Live.