It has been reported by PWInsider that one of the trainers over at the WWE Performance Center has departed the company. Legend of the British wrestling scene Johnny Saint finished up his work as a trainer at the Performance Center this week. Saint signed on to join the company as a wrestling trainer for six months, which expired just recently. Saint had never worked for WWE before, but he was admired by many of the recruits and coaches in the Performance Center. A celebration was made in honor of his big farewell from the training center. He is 75 years old and is likely headed back to Europe following his stint with the company.
Pro Wrestling Sheet has reported that Lucha Underground star Pentagon Dark (also known as Penta El Zero M) was robbed at gunpoint earlier this week. Sources close to Penta say that he was traveling to an airport via Uber when he was ambushed by three men on motorcycles. They took his wallet, cell phone, keys, and backpack that had his mask, wrestling gear, and flying paperwork inside of it. He was traveling from Mexico City to Seattle, Washington for a DEFY Wrestling event that he had to cancel due to the unfortunate incident. He will resume working in the United States after issues involving his passport have been properly sorted out.
PWInsider also claims that, despite earlier reports, The Colons do not appear to be leaving the company right now. The cousins are still listed for some upcoming Smackdown live events, and they are still going to be employed for the time being. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they did not request their releases, but if they did, it looks like the two of them have not yet been granted what they asked for. Rumors of the two cousins leaving began when an article claimed that Primo and Epico asked for their releases, and after Pro Wrestling Tees, a site that is not affiliated with WWE, released a new shirt for Orlando “Epico” Colon. We’ll find out more on the status of Primo and Epico in the next few weeks.