NXT TV Results
Taped at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Aired on June 25, 2015 on the WWE Network
Report by ProWrestling.net

The show opened with the entire NXT roster on the stage headed by Triple H. The words “The American Dream” were on the video wall and Dusty Rhodes’s image was on both side screens. Triple H delivered a short but meaningful speech discussing how the NXT family had lost one of their guiding lights. Triple H, the “NXT Kids,” and the rest of the Full Sail Arena stood in silence for a 10-bell salute to The Dream… The opening video played…

Back inside the arena, Hideo Itami made his entrance in a suit with his arm in a sling. They threw to a replay of the parking lot clip where Itami sustained the injury. In the ring, an anonymous interviewer welcomed him back and said it’d be 3-4 month before he could compete again. Itami said he can’t wait to get back in the ring. The interviewer mentioned Itami’s recent PR trip to Japan for the July 4th show. Itami said it doesn’t matter who wins the NXT title match, Itami will beat them and become NXT Champion.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens’s music hit and he made his way out onto the stage. The crowd loudly chanted “Fight Owens Fight” but there were a handful of boos as well. Owens said he’s happy to now Itami will be in Japan where he’ll get to see his kids and wife. Owens said it’s just too bad he can’t compete. Owens said that Itami will be there to watch him destroy Bálor. Owens said that it might be the meds that they’ve been giving Itami, and then he stumbled over the word delusional and quipped that he sounded like Itami trying to speak English. Owens again stated that he had nothing to do with Itami’s injury because if he did, Itami wouldn’t be here. He said he wants an apology for Itami calling him a bad person a few weeks ago.

Itami said that Owens is a great champion, but a terrible human being. Owens said that if he’s going to get blamed for the injury, he might as well do something to deserve it. Owens pointed out that Itami still has one good arm and said he’s going to do something about that. As Owens began to head towards the ring, Finn Bálor attacked Owens. Bálor had Owens set up for a Coup de Grace off the stage, but Rhyno blindsided Bálor and then kicked him off the stage… [C]

A replay showed the brawl between Bálor and Owens, as well as the subsequent attack from Rhyno. The commentators updated that the main event of the show would be Finn Bálor vs. Rhyno… Back in the arena, Enzo, Cass, and Carmella made their entrance. Enzo did his usual schtick and then Cass cut a really bad promo trying to incorporate all of the recently released movies. Even the homer crowd wasn’t feeling it. HE closed with the S-A-W-F-T lien for the save. Their opponents, Jason Jordan and his partner-of-the-week Sylvester Lefort were already in the ring.

1. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady (w/ Carmella) vs. Jason Jordan and Sylvester Lefort. Enzo and Cass were in control of Lefort early until Jordan blind-tagged himself into the ring and began to work Enzo over. Lefort and Jordan stayed in control until Enzo rolled up Jordan for the win out of nowhere.

Enzo and Cass over Jordan and Lefort in about 2:30.

A replay of last week’s brawl between Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens aired… Backstage, Samoa Joe yelled “Let them fight!” Joe said that he got the fight he wanted, but he didn’t get the fight he wanted because Owens is still standing. He repeated “I want Kevin Owens. Let me fight,” before walking off set… Dana Brooke was hyped in action next… [C]

Back in the arena, Dana Brooke made her entrance accompanied by Evil Emma. Her opponent was already in the ring wearing an awful looking one-piece outfit with a skirt.

2. Dana Brooke (w/ Emma) vs. Cassie. Cassie got a quick rollup attempt and a running headscissors in before Brooke hung her up on the middle rope and took control. Brooke hit a body slam and settled into a lengthy grounded bow and arrow lock. Cassie finally rought out and fired up with clotheslines and a running back spin kick in the corner, but Brooke caught her when she went to the top rope and then planted her with the Samoan Driver for the win…

Dana “Brock” over Cassie in about 3:30.

Backstage, Charlotte said that she doesn’t know what Dana Brooke’s problem is. She said she didn’t have any doors opened for her, she made the most of her opportunities. She was about to go off when she reconsidered and said that she’s going to give Dana her message personally… The commentators hyped the “Beast in the East” live special on July 4th before throwing to part 2 of Finn Bálor’s career recap video…

The video opened with Sami Zayn coming over to Bálor’s condo. The big reveal was that Bálor loves to ply with Legos. Bálor discussed Legos in his sit-down interview which was spliced in with Bálor and Zayn’s lego discussion. After that, Matt Bloom (a/k/a Tensai/Bernard/Albert/A-Train) discussed his friendship with Devitt. They spliced in inters with both, a scene shot with them at Finn’s condo, and some hilarious pictures from Twitter. Bálor discussed their time in NJPW before showing off a NJPW jersey with the tags still on.

Bloom gave an idiot’s guide to the NJPW dojo system and Bálor described how Japan became his second home and the most incredible chapter of his life. Bloom said that Devitt was an absolute superstar in Japan. Devitt discussed his time as Prince Devitt in NJPW and Bloom talked about putting out the feelers between Devitt and WWE. Becky Lynch talked about how huge Devitt signing with NXT was. Bloom said he has an incurable desire to be the best. Bálor recapped his time on the UK indies, in Japan, and closed by saying that his next journey had just begun. Part 3 was hyped for next week…

Beast in the East was hyped… Corey Graves said that William Regal had ordered Bull Dempsey to get in better shape and then displayed a bunch of the recent fat-shaming Instagrams of Bull… Back in the arena, the Hype Bros made their entrance. Mojo is now donning eye-black and gauntlets on his wrists. Their opponents were already in the ring.

3. The Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder) vs. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton. Stuff happened and then Mojo hit his hammer time drop to no reaction. The amateur guys took control with the WGTT leapfrog spot. Ryder got the hot tag and ran through his paint-by-numbers comeback. Moments later, the Hype Bros hit the spinebuster/Rough Ryder combo for the win.

The Hype Bros over Dawkins and Fulton.

Zim Says: What a contrast. That Bálor/Devitt thing was the best and this Hype Bros thing is the worst. Oh, and the ladies match was fine but unspectacular. Except for Cassie’s gear. That has to go.

William Regal was approached in his office by Eva Marie. Eva said that she’s been working really hard and Regal is the man who can give her a match in NXT. Regal said that she can’t just waltz in because the women’s division is setting the world on fire. Regal said that whenever Eva is ready to show him what she’s got, he’s ready to see… A Finn Bálor Demon vignette aired for July 4th…

Back in the arena, Finn Bálor made his entrance for the main event. A replay aired of Rhyno Goring Bálor on the stage after their match three weeks ago and then attacking him earlier on this show. Kevin Owens’s music hit and he came out to join the commentary team. Bálor looked bothered by this and glared at Owens. Rhyno was out next in his new singlet with uncharacteristic Pink accents.

4. Finn Bálor vs. Rhyno. The two came out brawling and went right after each other at the bell. Owens began to get frustrated with Saxton asking about attacking Itami before Bálor hit his flip dive over the ropes. For perhaps the first time, he did not appear to destroy his tailbone upon landing. Back in the ring, however, Rhyno halted the momentum and took control when he planted Bálor with a hard spinebuster.

Owens and Saxton continued to go at it on commentary as Graves and Brennan tried to keep things on track. [C] Back in the ring, Bálor hit the ropes with several forearms and then connected with a diving missile dropkick for two. Owens continued to grow increasingly more agitated with the non-stop questions from Brennan and Saxton. Bálor set up his reverse Bloody Sunday, but Rhyno reversed with a Northern Light’s throw. Rhyno his repeating shoulder thrusts in the corner, but Bálor came back moments later with the Pele kick.

Bálor rocked Rhyno with another high kick and went to the top rope, but Owens left the commentary table and walked down to ringside. Owens jumped up on the apron where he ate a dropkick from Bálor, but the opening was enough for Rhyno to hit the belly-to-belly. Bálor managed to avoid the Gore, however, and connected with the Slingblade. Bálor went up top and came down with the Coup de Grace for the win.

Finn Bálor pinned Rhyno in about 8:00.

Afterwards, Owens ran in and attacked Bálor. Owens and Rhyno put a beatdown on Bálor until Samoa Joe ran out to make the same. Owens and Rhyno hit the ramp as Joe and Bálor held the ring to close the show.

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