– It is being said that naming the tournament after Mae Young is a shift in the company line. While Fabulous Moolah was a long time women’s champion thanks to owning the belt and working close with Vince McMahon Sr., the focus is being put on Mae Young, who largely worked for the company during the Attitude era as Moolah’s best friend, since they owned a wrestling school together. The feeling is that Stephanie was close to Young so the choice was made to name the tournament after her instead of Moolah.
-The WWE seems to be interested in British women’s wrestler Viper to be part of the tournament. Viper worked the ITV World of Sport TV special last year, as well as working in WCPW. But with the ITV deal seemingly falling through and making her available, the WWE is interested in her coming in.
-It is also being reported that the WWE really wants a strong woman presence at the show. Not only will it be a 32 woman tournament, but talk is that JR will be joined by one or two women in the broadcast booth as well. While nothing definitive has been said, talk of legends like Lita or Beth Phoenix or WWE announcers Renee Young or Charley Caruso has been rumored. Last week it was announced that the WWE hired Dudley Academy graduate Kennadi Brink in a referee position.