There are reports being made that a number of WWE stars are looking to leave the company now after Neville supposedly got his release, although that in itself has not been confirmed.
The rumors go that people within the WWE are looking at people like Cody Rhodes and seeing that they can make good money outside the WWE system. Many are not happy in their position in the company and the day to day planning makes things more chaotic for everyone so the thought of leaving has crossed many minds in the WWE.
The report even goes so far as to say people are contacting Rhodes directly and getting his advice on what to do, and places to go. Rhodes left the WWE last year after being frustrated with his stale Stardust character that the company refused to let him change. He has since wrestled for many different companies all over the world and currently is signed with Ring of Honor (where he is the world champion) and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

However, the surroundings around Neville leaving the company has still to be fully explained. At first, the rumor was Neville walked out of Monday Night RAW after it was planned that he would face Enzo, but later reports were that he was never there, to begin with. The WWE has denied the cruiserweight star has left WWE, but it seems the only one who does know is Neville himself.