As noted recently, WWE is possibly moving SmackDown to Thursday nights on the SyFy Network, as opposed to keeping it in their normal Friday time slot. At this point, WWE themselves have only acknowledged the rumors in the sense that they claim they are contemplating the idea of making the move, despite the fact that WWE production trucks had SmackDown labeled as “airing on Thursday nights.”

In a move that could be considered as further evidence that SmackDown is changing nights, SyFy announced recently that their original series “Haven,” which features Adam “Edge” Copeland as one of the stars of the show, is moving from Friday at 10pm EST. (after SmackDown) to Thursday at 10pm EST.

SyFy has reportedly always liked the idea of putting “Haven” on immediately after SmackDown, as it features a former popular WWE Superstar in Edge, which allows them to better monetize the wrestling audience.

If SmackDown does move to Thursday at 8pm on SyFy as rumored, “Haven,” now airing at 10pm on SyFy on Thursday night would still immediately follow it.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)