Left-wing pop star Miley Cyrus donned a vagina catsuit in her “Mother’s Daughter” music video released Tuesday, in which she repeats the mantra “Don’t fuck with my freedom,” the same phrase seen on Planned Parenthood hoodies she’s recently promoted.

The “Mother’s Daughter” video features several celebrity cameos including Angelina Duplisea, Amazon Ashley, Aaron Philip, Lacey Baker, Melanie Sierra, Paige Fralix, Vendela, Casil McArthur, Trydryn Scott, Mari Copeny, and Cyrus’ mother Tish.

Cyrus dons a bright red vagina suit in the music video, which features a naked, obese woman and another woman breastfeeding.

Lyrics for the song include:

A number of phrases pop up on the screen during the video, including “virginity is a social construct,” “sin is in your eyes,” “tough titties,” and “Feminist AF.”

Cyrus’ feminist mantra signals back to the Grammy-winning activist’s collaboration with Planned Parenthood, fashion designer Marc Jacobs, and her Happy Hippie Foundation non-profit. She announced the collaboration last month to her 95 million Instagram followers, posting a number of risqué photos, one of which featured the “She Is Coming” singer seductively licking a cake that read “Abortion Is Healthcare.”

Miley Cyrus also advertised a hoodie featuring an image of herself with the phrase “Don’t Fuck With My Freedom,” which she pays homage to in her latest song.