It was confirmed on Monday’s RAW that Kharma is “with child” and will be off WWE television during the pregnancy.

Kharma said her two main goals in life were to be a WWE superstar and to be a mother. After making it to WWE, she recently found out she is pregnant and will be out of action for up to a year.

She finally made it to WWE earlier this year but her road was not an easy one. She said former head of talent relations Jim Ross once told her that she’d never make it in WWE because she is too fat. Ross responded to Kharma’s claims on Twitter on Monday night:

“Kharma will never be a standard issue WWE Diva. She’s a wrestler. And a keeper. JR shout outs always welcome on Raw.”

Kharma fans voiced their support for the mother-to-be and left Jim Ross a lot of negative feedback on Twitter for the way he dealt with her. Ross responded:

“Lots of angry folks. Ask (Kharma) the story. She’s a wrestler & not a typical WWE Diva… My fat arse getting all kinds of evil Tweets. I’m a Kharma fan BTW. Does every female wrestler HAVE 2 be a ‘Diva?'”

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