During a recent appearance on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable,” UFC Hall Of Famer “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock told a few behind-the-scenes stories about beating up some of WWE’s most recognizable Superstars backstage in the 1990s.

Shamrock, who was appearing on the ESPN program to promote his Bellator fight with Kimbo Slice last month, was asked if he had any stories about WWE guys.

Shamrock went on to inform the hosts that he had two stories for them, and both of them were pretty good.

“Actually, yeah. I’ve got two of them,” said a smiling Shamrock. “One of them was with Bradshaw (JBL).”

Shamrock began story number one.

“We had a bunch of guys [and] we were in the beginning and I was rolling around with Steve Blackman in the ring and trying to teach him some different submissions. There was about four or five guys standing around the ring and they were all yelling and Bradshaw was being cocky. ‘Oh I could take you!’ He was joking around, right? So, they all said ‘Okay,’ and I said, ‘Listen, I’ll tell you what Bradshaw: I’ll lay on my back [and] I’ll let you grab your best hold and I bet you in 30 seconds I’ll have you tapping.'”

Apparently Bradshaw didn’t realize how significant Shamrock’s submission skills, which weren’t as commonly known about back then, were about to be.

“Bradshaw jumped up, ‘Oh, I’ll do that!’ So, he went in [and] grabbed his hold. He had me in some headlock or something [and] I rolled him up and in about 15 seconds he was tapping.”

Shamrock wasted no time, as he launched right into story number two.

“And then with Big Show — Paul Wight — we were in a conference room and there was a bunch of people in there. Like a green room. And he came up behind me and he grabbed me in this bear hug — and he’s a big dude. He goes, ‘What are you gonna do from here?'”

Of course, Shamrock had an answer.

“And I just went limp and as I went limp I fell through his arms and I kind of tucked and rolled and got him into a leg lock and heel-hooked him. And he was standing up and he was screaming, ‘Okay! Okay! Okay …you got it!'”

Oh, he got it alright.

“So, I think that …those were the two stories I have for pro wrestling.”

Shamrock wrapped up the storytelling session with a disclaimer.

“But these guys were all great guys and we were just having a good time. It wasn’t like a real fight or anything.”

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