HOUSTON, TX — A juvenile court judge who was among the many elected officials defeated in a Democratic wave in Tuesday’s election released a slew of juvenile offenders after asking them all if they planned to kill anyone once they were set free.

Juvenile Court Judge Glenn Devlin, a Republican, released nearly all the juvenile offenders who appeared in his court, court officials said Wednesday.

The juvenile offenders were in court on charges ranging from misdemeanors to serious violent crimes, according to a Houston Chronicle report.

The move was out of character for Devlin, who according to a Chronicle report is responsible for sending a good many juvenile offenders to state juvenile prison.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg expressed her outrage, saying Devlin’s actions could endanger the public.

Devlin reset his remaining caseload to Jan. 4, 2019, the day after his replacement, Democrat Natalia Oakes, takes the bench.

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