— In his latest attack against Shawn Michaels on Twitter, former WWE star Shane Helms called Michaels’ fans “retards.” When a fan asked Michaels why he isn’t sticking up for himself and lashing out at Helms, Michaels wrote,

Ur the ones that upset why do I hav 2 do sumthing.”

— In recent weeks we’ve been covering the story that WWE is testing a new masked character for John Cena, his “Mexican cousin,” Juan Cena. Juan Cena has been competing at live WWE events, wrestling in main events against The Miz, Wade Barrett and Kane. This past weekend, Juan Cena wrestled at live events in Kentucky and Tennesse, challenging Kane in the main events .. Both matches ended with Nexus storming the ring, attacking Cena and removing his mask – only to have Cena fight back and send Nexus running.

From what we’ve heard, WWE is still testing out the character and there are no immediate plans to introduce him as an on-air character. However, fans who attend live events in the coming months have a good chance of seeing Juan Cena.

* Pictures of JUAN CENA Unmasked At Sunday’s WWE House Show

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