The Blancos frontman has been criticised for breaking quarantine protocol in Spain, with the 22-year-old urged to focus on getting his game together

Luka Jovic is considered to be tarnishing his reputation on and off the field at Real Madrid, with former Eintracht Frankfurt coach and fellow Serb Dragoslav Stepanovic warning the 22-year-old that he is doing “100 per cent to ruin his career”.

An exciting young talent should be living the dream after completing a big-money switch to Santiago Bernabeu.

Jovic has, however, endured a forgettable debut campaign in Spain after seeing a 27-goal season in Frankfurt bring him onto the radar of leading sides across Europe.

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Madrid won the race for his signature, but have seen the Serbia international find the target just twice across 24 appearances in 2019-20.

Unfortunate headlines have also been made by Jovic after he broke coronavirus quarantine protocol in Madrid to make his way home and celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday.

He may yet be punished for taking that decision, despite being considered to have done nothing wrong by his family, and is waiting to see what action government and sporting officials will take.

Stepanovic hopes the last few months will act as a warning to Jovic, with it clear that he needs to realign his focus and change his ways.

A man who took in two spells as manager of Eintracht and made 34 appearances for Yugoslavia in his playing days told Kurir of Jovic: “He is the only man who does one hundred per cent to ruin his career! 

“Jovic works against himself. He was lucky that Adi Hutter gave him a shot at Eintracht and then made the biggest transfer in Serbia’s history and went to Madrid. I can’t believe what the boy is doing to himself.”

Jovic has had to work hard for all he has, with sacrifices made in his youth that allowed him to become a senior star.

Stepanovic wants a proven frontman to embrace that mindset once more, adding: “I read the media in Serbia and I know what life he had, that as a child he slept in his car with his father to wait until morning to train. What a sacrifice he made, and then this. 

“I don’t know, Luka obviously doesn’t think about himself. 

“When they tell you it’s a ban, you pretend you didn’t understand anything! You better shut up, don’t talk. I can’t believe he did something like this.”

Jovic has claimed that he was given the wrong instructions by those in Spain when it came to self-isolation, but it remains to be seen what will happen in both his professional and personal life from this point.

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