There was some sort of incident backstage at Tuesday’s SmackDown/ECW taping involving a number of indy wrestlers. John Laurinaitis yelled at them for coming into the catering area and helping themselves to food. That seems to be one of the many taboos within the WWE world. Furthermore, seeing how they were in Orlando on that night, there was a worker backstage who also helps out TNA with behind-the-scenes errands. Laurinaitis singled this person out by saying that WWE would never send their employees backstage to eat at TNA’s catering. Although, that makes you wonder why they let someone affiliated with TNA backstage in the first place.

Former WCW star Ray “Glacier” Lloyd was backstage at the TV tapings this week.

The entire roster, everyone from all three brands, is scheduled to appear on this Monday’s edition of Raw for the draft. It looks like they’ll do what they did in 2004 when they assembled everyone on the WWE roster into one big room.

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