Jim Ross apparently has high expectations of one particular WWE Superstar.

During a recent episode of his Ross Report podcast, the WWE Hall Of Famer spoke about who from the RAW roster he feels will have a run as WWE Universal Champion in the future.

While “Good Ole’ J.R.” mentioned Braun Strowman, he noted that he feels WWE should not book him to be the top Superstar this year, but instead in 2019.

After touching on Strowman’s potential, J.R. moved on to another WWE Superstar who he feels will have a run with the WWE Universal Championship down the road.

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“[Drew McIntyre] looks great, he sounds great, he’s in great condition, he’s just getting better and better,” said Ross. “He’s a big time player. I could see, very easily, Drew McIntyre being a Universal or WWE Champion down the road.”

A confident Ross added, “Without a doubt. It’s a lay-up — trust me on this one.”

Check out the complete episode of the “Ross Report” podcast featuring WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross at .

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