WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his website and commented on Sting suffering a neck injury at Sunday’s night of Champions pay-per-view.

A fan said it looked like Rollins botched a move on Sting and asked at what point Rollins would get heat for injuring opponents. JR said, “It’s a physical business and certainly isn’t ballet. Accidents happen. If a trend develops, and two situations isn’t a trend, then you may have a valid point.”

In response to a question about the way Rollins has been booked lately, JR replied, “Booking is highly subjective and can’t truly be judged over the short term. I’d likely tweak how Rollins is being booked, but that doesn’t make me right either. I think WWE is setting him up for an eventual ‘face turn down the road and I have no issues with where Seth is at this time at it’s a marathon and not a sprint even though many fans today have little to no patience.”

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