The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On why he is doing a spoken word tour: “My story of how I backed into the good, old boy fraternity of pro wrestling in the 70’s by doing several, low level jobs for even lower pay, surviving the territory days, launching my broadcasting career, moving into the cable TV world of the game along with the new entity known as PPV, then navigating the corporate world of grappling first with Turner and then with WWE is a story that is unlike anyone else in the history of our business. I’ve had a blessed career and am anxious to share it with great fans.”

On fans who want to see NXT talent moved up: “My personal take on NXT talents is simply that, my opinion. There is SO much more to becoming a successful WWE Superstar than merely the ability to perform in the ring. Some fans who seemingly have no management experience and perhaps haven’t moved out of their folk’s home just yet, simply don’t get that simple, common sense philosophy. I don’t have an exact age in mind that talents should be called up to the primary WWE roster. Some people mature at different ages and some never mature and become reliable pros who strive every day, no matter the hand that they are dealt, to improve their game in ALL phases and to place the company before their own agendas.”

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