WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently updated his official blog at JRsBarBQ.com with his thoughts on Monday’s RAW and more. Below are some of the highlights.

On Monday’s RAW:

“WWE was without a great deal of star power Monday night but had one of their better shows IMO nonetheless. It seems that talents who are still present realize that the door is open for them to step up and take ownership of the fleeting albeit lucrative top spots in WWE and become permanent residents of the main event neighborhood of the Promised Land.”

On Alberto Del Rio possibly turning on Zeb Colter:

“I see ADR turning on the villain Zeb Colter some time soon and becoming the Hispanic fan favorite that WWE desperately needs. It’s unfortunate that Alberto wasn’t able to keep his commitments to Mexico’s AAA after rejoining WWE. That’s never a good situation. No one wins in this particular situation.”

On changes to Bray Wyatt’s character:

“I’m confused about what Bray Wyatt is becoming with the purported, super natural powers, etc and need that story explained better to me. Still think that Wyatt will one day be a huge fan favorite. Not today, but after a good, hot bad guy run. Has Wyatt inherited Taker’s eerie demeanor?”

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