It was reported earlier this week that WWE Legend Kamala was in extremely poor health. The 67-year-old has been dealing with complications from diabetes over the past few years now and he was recently rushed into the emergency room. He was placed on life support, but he showed signs of improvement as the days went on. Kamala’s stepdaughter has since updated fans on Facebook by revealing that Kamala has been taken off of a ventilation and is now fully breathing on his own. The former WWF wrestler is now alert, but he is still unable to speak at the moment. Kamala is definitely showing signs of progress as he remains in the hospital.
One of the top names in all of Lucha Libre at the moment is Angelico. The wrestler made name for himself in Lucha Underground and Mexican promotion AAA. However, Angelico announced today that he will be leaving AAA and Mexico behind on January 1st as her prepares to move away. He revealed on Twitter that he will be moving to Spain to compete in the European area starting in 2018. The split between AAA and Angelico does appear to be an amicable one since Angelico stated in his message that he is free to return to the promotion whenever he chooses to do so. Angelico thanked Ultimo Dragon, Konnan, and the fans for all that he has achieved in his career so far.
— Angelico (@AngelicoAAA) November 24, 2017

It was reported not too long ago that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were sent home during WWE’s European tour after they did not follow the script for a segment on Smackdown, which would have seen them receive a beating from the New Day. In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that Kevin Owens’ recent 365 special on the WWE Network has received tremendous viewership. It appears that whatever backstage heat Owens may have received now appears to be gone, but Meltzer claimed that Sami Zayn is still not out of the woods just yet. No word on why Zayn may still potentially have heat in the company.