source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Former TNA production manager Randy Ricci wrote an e-mail to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer in response to Danny Bonaduce’s decision to wrestle a match in TNA.

In the e-mail, he recalls a company meeting about the build for the 2007 Slammiversary pay-per-view in Nashville, saying TNA president Dixie Carter was fuming over her people not being able to get in touch with Vanilla Ice, Jonny Fairplay and “some other no-name.” According to Ricci, this was the most upset he had ever seen her, to the point that people genuinely looked like they feared for their jobs. Later during the meeting, Ricci jokingly says, “Hey, don’t worry folks. I think I may be able to dig up contact info on Bobcat Goldthwait.”

“Dixie and the SVP gave me stares from hell and then Don West and Terry Taylor busted out laughing to make it worse,” Ricci wrote.

Here is Ricci’s e-mail in it’s entirety:

“Bonaduce? Cmon. Can you imagine how much this is going to cost TNA? I will never ever understand why Dixie Carter and her SVP do things like this. And trust me, this is all Dixie and her people. Scratch that. I do understand why they think they are doing it.

At meetings close, Dixie projected her frustration about another failure, on her people when she went off about no one getting in touch with Vanilla Ice, Jonny Fairplay, and some other no-name. She was so pissed. This was the most pissed I had seen her up to that point. And people were scampering, pointing fingers and genuinely looking like they feared for their jobs. I couldn’t help it. I tried to bite my tongue and I was really hoping it was a joke. I had to say, ‘Hey, don’t worry folks. I think I may be able to dig up contact info on Bobcat Goldwaith.’

Dixie and the SVP gave me stares from hell and then Don West and Terry Taylor busted out laughing to make it worse. For a second, I was jerky, but then I thought, ‘How embarrassing is this? They are bleeding money and Vanilla Ice was going to save the day.

Then there was the infamous Pacman Jones embarrassment, Blago (Rod Blagojevich) in the Main Event Mafia and now Bonaduce. These idiots think that because he was on that Hulk Hogan crappy celebrity’s thing that somehow Bonaduce gets a rub. And that this is one step closer to tapping the ‘in’ crowd. Some imaginary new breed of wrestling fan that TNA is going to develop. How’s that working for you guys? You can’t even develop any wrestling stars.

I would also love to see how far behind they are on their bills as well. They owe people money that work for them and provide services while they go out into the mainstream media with this kind of crap, alienating the people that work with them, and for them, even more because I guarantee you that what they are spending on this future flop could cover all that back pay. I’m telling you, this is just Dixie and her SVP doing nothing but playing live wrestling dolls.”

— TNA kept Consequences Creed out of the ring at the last set of television tapings as he couldn’t remember much of anything in the Ultimate X match after suffering a concussion at Destination X.

— There has been little discussion regarding the World X Cup taking place this year. Basically, it’s a major headache to put together as it requires working with international groups and dealing with a number communication issues, mistrust, double-crossing and screw-ups. Last year, there was a plan in place for CMLL to host the entire tournament, with the matches airing on Impact to give it a different look and make it come off as a bigger deal. However, it never came to be and the matches were held in front of TNA crowds.

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