We already know the four quarter-finalists of European Championship played in Austria and the Czech Republic. Russia, Slovakia, Italy, and Serbia may quietly prepare for the next phas.


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Despite the fact, this round seems to be greatly interesting. Read our preview before play-off.

France – Turkey

The match is claimed to be one-side. There is only one favorite named “ Les Bleus” and it is very hard to expect that the Turks will able to make a fight with the current vice-champions of Europe. During last Euro Volley, France easily beat Turkey 3-0 and it would be huge astonishment, if  Philippe Blain proteges did not fight for promotion to the next phase. Moreover, the French are playing better and better. The victory  over Italy confirmed their high aspirations and expectation to gain a medal. According to bookies, France is the clear favorite and there will be hard to earn any money putting on them.

My bet: France 3 – 0 Turkey

Slovenia – Finland

It seems to be very aligned rivalry but with an indication of Finland. “Suomi” has well-known players like Mikko Esko or Mikko Oivanen and a coach who showed that he can win European Championships. Daniel Castellani won the gold medal with Poland two years ago. However, Slovenia proved that they may  fight extremely strong and they can make a surprise ,therefore, Alen Sket and his friends may be hard opponent for Finland but they are not favorite of this game. Bookies consider that Finland will win the match.

My bet: Slovenia 1 – 3 Finland

Bulgaria – Estonia

This game will decide which team will play against Russia in quarter-final. Bulgaria has every arguments to beat Estonia. Matey Kaziyski and their partnerships  confirmed high aspiration in first round and now,  they would like to win quickly and easily to have as much time to prepare for a duel against Russia. Estonia (along with Slovakia) is the biggest surprise of the Championship because  they unexpectedly were tackled Portugal, so perhaps, in the match with Bulgaria will be similarly despite negative betting exchanges.

My bet: Bulgaria 3 – 0 Estonia

Czech Republic – Poland

It will be the match of the day. The host will face defending champions. Both teams lost the last match in group stage but there were quite various circumstances of these failures. Poland lost the match against Slovakia playing in the second composition without such a star like Bartosz Kurek. Czech lost with Russia 0-3 after one-side game.   In spite of this results Czech want to be better than their opponent but Poland as well . Czech Republic won over Poland 3-0 in Wagners’ Memorial two weeks ago, however, Poles were still training very hard and they did not have necessary speed in play but now there is differently. Andrea Anastasi’s wards are playing faster and with more combinations. If Czech Republic will play as good as in Katowice we will be a witness of great game. It promises to be a great competition. One cause is certain, sports hall in Karlove Vary will be filled by supporters responding fantastically what always guarantees fantastic atmosphere. Bookmakers nominated a victory of Poland.

My bet: Czech Republic  1 – 3 Poland