There has been talk of featuring more of a “space alien” type of theme with more dramatics for the second season of Lucha Underground, which is scheduled to return next year.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan is to actually go even further into the “supernatural” direction for the storylines in the sophomore season of the show, which will return on Mark Burnett’s El Rey Network cable channel.

Additionally, the Observer reports that the long-term goal for Lucha Underground is to create at least one “super babyface star,” as well as some “monster heels” for a potential movie or series of movies. Apparently the promotion is looking to recreate something like the El Santo genre of movies, with Rey Mysterio possibly in the Santo role.

Filming for season two of Lucha Underground is scheduled to begin this Saturday, November 14th in Boyle Heights, and the season itself is expected to air on the El Rey Network in early 2016.

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