— Former WWE superstar John Morrison will be a judge for this week’s Tournament of Nerds show, which premieres this Sunday (7/1) on Youtube’s Nerdist channel. A preview for the show, which includes “adult language” not suitable for children, can be seen here.

— WWE Champion CM Punk attended the Strike Zone Celebrity Bowling Tournament on Wednesday night in Chicago, hosted by former Chicago Cubs player Kerry Wood. Punk spoke to the Chicago Tribune at the event and had this to say about his upcoming WWE DVD set:

“Obviously, I’m biased but I think mine is the best. Mine starts way different than anyone else’s and ends way different than anyone else’s.”

“Honestly, it was like watching my life flash before my eyes. They used a lot of footage from my early days. Just seeing the whole package put together with people I respect in the industry and have known my whole life talking about me, it seemed weird. It felt like I was at my own funeral. You get a perspective of where I come from, how hard I’ve worked and where I’m at now. It blew me away. There were a couple moments where I was like ‘Wow, this is really touching.'”

* Pictures of CM PUNK’s $2 Million Chicago Apartment (Direct Link)