– John Cena announced at the conclusion of Monday’s Raw SuperShow his intention to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on next week’s historic show and face CM Punk for the WWE Championship. The Straight Edge Superstar offered his thoughts on Cena’s challenge on Backstage Fallout.

“Well, I survived tonight. I’m confident I’ll survive next week, but that’s a big challenge and that’s all I ever wanted,” Punk says when asked of Cena’s challenge. “I’ve taken down every single person who’s stepped in front of me and my WWE Championship so far and that includes John Cena. I got no problem beating him again and I got no problem making history on the 1000th Raw and making sure that John Cena is the first person to unsuccessfully cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Either way, take my word for it, [the WWE Championship] is coming home with me.”

The Miz, A.W. and The Prime Time Players also offer their thoughts on Raw events. (Watch)

– WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch checked into a rehabilitation program sponsored by WWE yesterday after being admitted to an emergency room late Friday night for consuming nearly two gallons of vodka. The trailblazing WWE Diva addressed the matter via Facebook.

“Heartfelt thank yous go out to everyone for your support… Im doing something I need to do for me. I’ll be fine… I promise. xoxoxo,” she wrote Monday night.

Photo of Tammy Sytch taken before rehab