Climate activists are gearing up for the final weekend of a 12-day series of actions against the fossil fuel industry—48 hours that will be taken up by rallies, protests, and civil disobedience actions around the world, organized under the banner “Break Free.”

For the past nine days, environmental groups including 350 and the Climate Action Network have held actions across six continents, targeting “the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects,” from coal mines and oil wells to national banks and tar sands refineries, calling for “a just transition” to a clean energy era.

In New York on Saturday, more than 1,500 people are expected to converge at the Port of Albany to block train traffic to the region from fossil fuel projects, which the organizers say are “examples of environmental racism that threaten our future and communities.”

And thousands of activists from the UK and Germany are taking part in a “mass civil trespass” from Friday to Sunday, organized by the grassroots anti-coal and anti-nuclear group Ende Gelände, to shut down the lignite coal mine in Lusatia, just south of Berlin.

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“Climate change is a global problem, and we need global resistance to make sure fossil fuels remain in the ground,” said Louise Foster, an activist with Break Free organizational group Reclaim the Power, who plans to participate in the shutdown.

“This weekend’s action will show any future buyer of the lignite mines in Germany that all coal development will face resistance from the climate justice movement,” Foster said. “We are the investment risk.”