The ongoing legal proceedings involving the divorce of Windham and Samantha Rotunda has now involved the WWE itself in a request over Windham’s (Bray Wyatt’s) financial situation.
Back in April, Bray Wyatt’s wife filed for a divorce after she accused him of cheating on her. Originally she wanted to keep things quiet, but then it was revealed that Wyatt had been having the affair with WWE ring announcer Jojo. At that point, Samantha Rotunda filed legal proceedings against him over such things as child support for the couple’s children and alimony payments. is reporting that Samantha requesting the WWE turn over documents related to Wyatt’s earnings and potential earnings dating back to 2011 such as Tax Returns , Financial Statements, Banking Information, Loan Applications, Credit Cards, Pension Plans, Real Estate, Personal Property, Mortgages and Notes, Fictitious Names, Partnership and Joint Venture Agreements, Employment Records/Contracts, Fringe Benefits, Trusts, Disability Pension, Powers of Attorney, and Safe Deposit Boxes.

The WWE is refusing the request saying that it is “abusive, harassing, overboard, and would cause WWE undue or unreasonable burden or expense” and put the costs for doing so between “$247,500 to $483,000.”.  Samantha’s legal team hasn’t responded to the WWE as of yet.
It does seem an odd request for the WWE to produce this information and not Wyatt himself. I wouldn’t think the WWE would keep that much information on its stars, let alone care.