Bobby Roode joined and 106.7 The Fan/CBS Radio DC’s Chad Dukes for an interview at September 1st’s TNA Basebrawl event. Roode discussed a number of topics including the state of Tag Team Wrestling, the mix of talent in TNA, Austin Aries, and more. You can listen to the interview at Here are some highlights of what Roode said about:

Tag Team Wrestling: “I think it’s a lot of people connect more with singles wrestlers maybe, I don’t know. I think, not to to toot my own horn here but I think that’s what Beer Money had that was special, again you know that we brought to the table in tag team wrestling was we had teams to work with, you know the teams of 3Ds and the British Invasion and of course, the Motor City Machine Guns that really etched our name in some of the greatest tag teams of all time and I think it was the entertainment value as well. People were able to connect with us and what we did and whether they loved us or hate us they were entertained every night and that’s something that’s important in professional wrestling today.”

His Rivalry With Austin Aries: “I think just chemistry-wise, I think we’ve had some great matches and we never really, before this program started with him and I, we never touched each other. We never wrestled each other before and I didn’t know really much about him and he really didn’t know much about me. The contrast in styles was something I think maybe people thought wouldn’t work, but I think we changed everybody’s mind. And I think if there’s ever an opportunity for him and I to go at it again, I think we’ll accomplish what we did, if not do things even better.”

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