— PWInsider.com has posted a health update for WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan. Heenan recently underwent another reconstructive surgery where additional tissue and skin were transferred to his neck to help with the healing process following his surgery replacing his jawbone. The replaced jawbone bone is doing well and is set in place.

Heenan, who is said to be getting better and has joked about wanting to get out of the hospital already, will start physical rehabilitation to help regain strength and begin walking again shortly. Unfortunately, healing has been extremely slow due to the radiation treatments Heenan underwent in the past when he was suffering from cancer. He has been bedridden for quite some time.

— Rumors persist that contestants for the next season of the hit ABC show “Dancing with the Stars” will include Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch), Brooke Hogan and the former WWE wrestler & current resident on Celebrity Rehab, and Chyna.

Picture of CHYNA in a PINK BUNNY Costume, Totally Wasted